Marine Equipment Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL PWC & Jet Boats ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. PWC & Jet Boats 1322 Cable Locks Item# Size List 255-TDL1510 ] 15' L x 10mm (.4") 24.99 EA 255-TDL3010 30' L x 10mm (.4") 46.99 EA •  Multi-use cable •  Flexible steel cable DUAL LOOP QUADRA BRAID TRIMAFLEX CABLE Item# Description List 255-TKC126 High security keyed cable lock, 6' L x 12mm 31.99 EA 255-TQ2072 Integrated cable lock, 6' L x 20mm 49.99 EA •  Soft self coiling, braided cable •  Integrated keyed cable lock with quick release brackets •  PVC protective coating to prevent surface scratching TQ2072 TKC126 QUADRA-BRAID LOCKS Key Floats Item# List 328-FKF 11.99 EA •  Floating key chain made to look like a boat's fender •  Made with marine grade vinyl •  Measures 5" long by 1 5 / 8 " round •  Includes brass alloy chain •  Will float multiple keys - very buoyant FENDER KEY FLOAT Item# Color Pack List 328-X24 Yellow 24 139.99 BX The largest key floats made at 3 5 / 8 " long, these polyurethane foam key floats come in a mixed assortment of 24 pieces with "Bass Biting" and "Ski Girl" images screened on them. Fuel, fade & scratch resistant, they include a brass chain and will not sink. KEYFLOAT DISPLAY Display Box Whistles & Horns Item# Pkg. Pack Case List 50-46010 Bucket 100 1 2.99 EA 50-46011 Card 1 12 4.99 EA Meets USCG requirements as a signal device Perfect for attachment to life vest as a signal whistle. Lanyard included. 46010: Sold in bulk. Minimum quantity of 100. 46011 Bucket WHISTLE Item# Color Case List 50-11726 Red 12 8.99 EA 50-11727 Yellow 12 8.99 EA Audible signal device. Clips easily to life vests or doubles as a floating key chain. WHISTLE 11727 11726 Item# Pkg. Pack Case List 50-46040 Bucket 50 1 3.99 EA 50-46041 Card 1 12 4.99 EA Meets USCG requirements as a signal device Rugged marine whistle colored bright orange and made of non- corroding, high impact plastic. Comes with lanyard. 46040: Sold in bulk. Minimum quantity of 50. 46041 Bucket STREAMLINED SAFETY WHISTLE Item# Pack Case List 891-976 2 12 14.89 PK Durable SOLAS approved weather resistant plastic construction. The perfect device to attach to all your PFDs. Bright orange. SAFETY WHISTLE WITH LANYARD Item# Pack Case List 736-780 1 12 6.49 EA 736-782S 24 (Bulk) 4.99 EA Designed by search and rescue professionals. Synthetic peas will not absorb moisture or freeze. Works when soaking wet - clears instantly. •  ABS plastic will not stick to mouth in cold weather •  Double chambered for multiple pitches •  Meets anti-choking standards for children •  Large tooth-grip for hands free use •  Lip-seal prevents loss of air in extreme cold SAFETY WHISTLE Item# Description Pkg. Pack List 354-5712521 w/ 36" Lanyard Card 1 6.99 EA 354-5712525 w/o Lanyard POP Display 35 80.99 BX Meets USCG requirements for warning device on small craft. Bright color makes it easy to locate in an emergency. Injected molded polypropylene construction. SAFETY WHISTLE Item# Description Case List 50-46211 1.4 oz. Horn Kit 6 18.99 EA Meets USCG requirements as a signal device for boats up to 65'. Contents: Two (2) 1.4oz cannisters and one (1) trumpet. This horn is 100% non-flammable. The trumpet is made of a high impact plastic. Do Not Store in an Enclosed Vehicle MINI-SIGNAL HORN KIT Item# Description Rating Case List 50-46311 ] Large w/ Metal Plunger 110 Decibels 8 27.99 EA PUMP BLAST AIR HORN Meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements for boats up to 65'. Patent Pending. •  Eco-Friendly - no replacement cans or chemicals •  Easy to use •  Not just for boating - use at sporting events or for your auto •  No shipping restrictions