Marine Equipment Catalogue

For over a century, a league of canned crusaders have been fighting to keep boats safe from barnacles, slime, algae and other aquatic evils that rob your boat of its true performance. With advanced know- how and unique capabilities, each antifouling is tailored to different conditions, and has the power to defeat fouling in all its forms. VC ® 17m is a dynamic and proven antifouling, designed with a fluro microadditive to create an ultra- smooth, fast racing finish without the intensive sanding for power and sail boats. Providing a hard, thin antifouling layer for outstanding protection in freshwater to low-fouling saltwater. For super-powered antifouling protection and proven performance, choose Interlux ® . The hero your boat deserves! All trademarks mentioned are owned by, or licensed to, the AkzoNobel group of companies. © AkzoNobel 2018. 9008/0218