Marine Equipment Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL PWC & JET BOATS ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS ITEMS IN BLUE ARE NEW ] SEA VALUE v OVERSIZED d COURIER SURCHARGE 239 WATERSPORTS & BOATS Item# Description Capacity List 957-HOISTLEAVER Manual Foot Operated 400 lbs. 5253.79 EA Pick up your dinghy and motor at the same time using our foot operated hydraulic hoist. Lifting from the Leaver bracket that your dinghy motor is attached to, the dinghy raises at the same time as the motor is swinging out over the swim platform. After the dinghy and motor are brought into the vertical position, the hoist remains hooked up to the dinghy/motor. For hard bottom dinghies. You will need to order the 957-HDRBD202 davit system (not included) and at least one stand-off rod at the bow of the inflatable for more stabilization. 957-HDRBD202 required for hoist/leaver installation, sold separately. Weaver worksheet must be filled out as this product is custom tailored. Visit for Additional Info & Measurement Instructions HOIST/LEAVER Item# Type Mount Length Pack List 957-SO12 Fixed Clip on 1 End 12" 1 pr. 186.89 ST 957-SO18 Fixed Clip on 1 End 18" 204.79 ST 957-SO24 Fixed Clip on 1 End 24" 222.59 ST 957-SO30 Fixed Clip on 1 End 30" 242.59 ST 957-SO30CBE Fixed Clips on Both Ends 30" 283.49 ST 957-SO36 Fixed Clip on 1 End 36" 262.49 ST 957-SO36CBE Fixed Clips on Both Ends 36" 303.49 ST 957-SO60CBE Fixed Clips on Both Ends 60" 467.29 ST 957-SOA1218 Adj. Clip on 1 End 12"-18" 267.79 ST 957-SOA1218CBE Adj. Clips on Both Ends 12"-18" 308.69 ST 957-SOA1824 Adj. Clip on 1 End 18"-24" 285.59 ST 957-SOA1824CBE Adj. Clips on Both Ends 18"-24" 326.59 ST 957-SOA2430 Adj. Clip on 1 End 24"-30" 302.39 ST 957-SOA2430CBE Adj. Clips on Both Ends 24"-30" 343.39 ST 957-SOA3036 Adj. Clip on 1 End 30"-36" 323.39 ST 957-SOA3036CBE Adj. Clips on Both Ends 30"-36" 364.39 ST 957-SOA3642 Adj. Clip on 1 End 36"-42" 343.39 ST 957-SOA3642CBE Adj. Clips on Both Ends 36"-42" 384.29 ST 957-SOA4248 Adj. Clip on 1 End 42"-48" 384.29 ST 957-SOA4248CBE Adj. Clips on Both Ends 42"-48" 425.29 ST 957-SOA4854 Adj. Clip on 1 End 48"-54" 425.29 ST 957-SOA4854CBE Adj. Clips on Both Ends 48"-54" 466.19 ST 957-SOA5460CBE Adj. Clips on Both Ends 54"-60" 507.19 ST Repl. Parts Description List 957-LCLIP "L" Brackets for Standoffs, 4-Pack 28.39 PK •  For hard shelled and inflatable boats •  Pivot back to the boat transom and clip neatly in place •  100% solid stainless steel •  Spring-loaded thumb clip for one hand operation •  Recommended for any davit system CBE Standoffs: Quick disconnect clips on both ends. When stand-offs are not in use they can be taken off and stowed. Sold in pairs. STAND-OFF BRACKETS Clip Both Ends Clip 1 End Item# Color List 957-RP301 Black 48.39 EA 957-RP301G Grey 48.39 EA 957-RP304G Grey w/swivel 61.99 EA This hypalon, molded rubber pad is used to clip stand-offs to inflatable boats. STAND-OFF PAD Grey Black Item# Type Color Size List 957-WR1G Standard Grey 1" 45.19 EA 957-WR112 Standard Black 1 1 / 2 " 58.79 EA 957-WR112G Standard Grey 1 1 / 2 " 58.79 EA 957-WR2 Standard Black 2" 103.99 EA 957-WR2G Standard Grey 2" 103.99 EA 957-WR112S Swivel Black 1 1 / 2 " 72.49 EA 957-WR112SG Swivel Grey 1 1 / 2 " 72.49 EA 957-WR2SG Swivel Grey 2" 115.49 EA The Weaver mounting rings come in two models, standard or swivel. Available in three sizes 1", 1 1 / 2 " and 2" stainless steel ring size. MOUNTING RING Black Grey Item# Color Pack List 957-RP101 Black 1 145.99 EA 957-RP101G Grey 1 145.99 EA For RBD100 & RBD150 SPARE PAD Grey Black Item# Pack List 957-RSH120 1 75.69 EA Fits into RP101/RP101G pads. REPLACEMENT YOLK Item# Type Description List 957-RS110 Standard (As supplied with RBD kits) 233.19 EA 957-RS110EXT2 Extended 2" extended out 321.29 EA 957-RS110EXT4 Extended 4" extended out 321.29 EA 957-RS110RISE2 Rise Up 2" Rise Up 321.29 EA 957-RS110RISE3 Rise Up 3" Rise Up 321.29 EA 957-RS110RISE4 Rise Up 4" Rise Up 321.29 EA 957-RS1102X2 Offset 2" Out, 2" Down 366.49 EA 957-RS1102X4 Offset 2" Out, 4" Down 366.49 EA 957-RS1102X6 Offset 2" Out, 6" Down 366.49 EA 957-RS1104X2 Offset 4" Out, 2" Down 366.49 EA 957-RS1104X4 Offset 4" Out, 4" Down 366.49 EA 957-RS1104X6 Offset 4" Out, 6" Down 366.49 EA 957-RS1104X4UP Offset 4" Out, 4" Up 366.49 EA For RBD100. Sold by the each. DAVIT HEAD Offset Rise Up Extended Standard Item# List 957-HDRBD202 1857.79 ST This complete davit hook up allows you to attach a 10' to 12' inflatable dinghy to the swim platform. Only for hard bottom dinghies. It includes the HD-Front Arc, 2 HD-RS110 davit heads w/Quick Kits, and the Transom Arc (select the Transom Arc that you need for your dinghy). This MUST BE USED with the Weaver Hoist/Leaver 957-HOISTLEAVER and will take weights up to 400 lbs.. HEAVY DUTY DAVIT SYSTEM FOR INFLATABLES