Marine Equipment Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL PWC & JET BOATS ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEMS ARE STOCKED IN OUR WAREHOUSES BASED ON REGIONAL DEMAND. IF AN ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK AT A LOCAL WAREHOUSE, ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. MAINTENANCE 574 Item# Size Case List 71-38984 Quart 6 71.49 EA VOC-compliant (70%) solvent-based liquid specialty adhesive remover is designed to remove reactive adhesives from a variety of substrates. Reactive adhesives include adhesives that require a hardener or catalyst in order for the bond to occur, such as epoxies, urethanes and silicones. SPECIALTY ADHESIVE REMOVER Item# Size Case List 76-1288 16 oz. spray 12 84.29 EA Formulated to remove cured or uncured silicone, polyurethane, and adhesives. Great for clean-up on hands, tools and equipment. Will not harm metals, fiberglass gel coat, glass, or plexiglas. Safe on most carpets, vinyl, plastics and painted surfaces. RELEASE™ ADHESIVE AND SEALANT REMOVER 1288 Item# Size Case List 583-590 1L 12 33.39 EA For all Epoxies, Enamels and Urethanes. Safe for Fiberglass Surfaces. 590: Sold in case packs only. MARINE STRIP-IT Item# Size Case List 583-350 1L 12 15.89 EA 100% pure. Ideal for removing fiberglass, cleaning brushes, spray equipment and tools. A strong, fast drying solvent for specified coating, including epoxy resins, polyester, ink adhesives and contact cement. Acetone is a VOC exempt solvent. ACETONE Item# Size List 862-DEFOUL 5 Gallons 655.00 EA •  Eliminate sanding, scraping and blasting •  Safe for gel coat, epoxy barriers, fiberglass, aluminum, steel & wood hulls •  Increases fuel efficiency by reducing drag •  Fully biodegradable and VOC Free ROTOCOL Environmental Solutions Inc. D e F O U L d e v e l o p e d b y : A n t i F o u l i n g P a i n t R e m o v e r ANTIFOULING PAINT REMOVER Item# Size Case List 372-13261 1L 6 15.49 EA 372-13264 4L 4 38.49 EA A relatively strong solvent excellent for dissolving 2-part epoxies before they set, for cleaning fibreglass repair tools and thinning fibreglass resins. Removes the sticky residue on glass and porcelain by price stickers and other adhesive labels and cleans lacquer application tools. ACETONE A 99.9% pure versatile product with many uses. Applications: •  Thinning shellac •  Cleaning shellac brushes •  Cleaning windows, when diluted with water •  Defrosting air line hoses during extreme cold temperatures •  Fondue fuel •  Fuel for unpressurized marine alcohol stoves •  Dissolving gums, resins, and celluloid METHYL HYDRATE Item# Size Case List 372-13390 500 ml 12 4.29 EA 372-13391 1L 6 8.89 EA 372-13394 4L 4 14.89 EA Item# Size Case List 372-13321 1L 6 9.39 EA 372-13324 4L 4 19.99 EA A versatile and adaptable thinner for cleaning, degreasing or achieving the optimal varnish or paint consistency. Ideal for clean-up jobs too tough for household cleaners. Leaves surfaces bright and shining. RECORDSOL PAINT THINNER Item# Size Case List 372-13301 1L 6 26.19 EA A natural product distilled from pine trees that is the top thinner and cleaner available for oil based paints, varnishes and oil finishes that are high in colour quality, durability and easy maintenance. PURE TURPENTINE Item# Size Case List 372-13551 1L 6 14.89 EA 372-13554 4L 4 36.59 EA Lacquer Thinner is an extreme, ‘last resort’ product that breaks down and dissolves thick varnishes and paints, lacquer, oils, grease and other caked on or stubborn adhesive materials. You can use it to dissolve, dilute and clean up basic lacquered items. With Lacquer Thinner, there’s new hope for old ground in stains and grease spots. LACQUER THINNER Item# Size Case List 372-14534 4L 4 21.99 EA The ideal fuel for catalytic stoves and kerosene heaters as it meets all of the specifications required by the manufacturers. It burns with little smoke or scent and is ideal for use in wick lanterns, low odour heaters and mechanically adjustable wick feeding oil lamps. CLEAR KEROSENE Item# Size List 372-14431 1L 13.29 EA 372-14434 4L 32.59 EA A reliable fuel for catalytic heaters, for all naphtha lanterns and gas stoves and for Coleman-type stoves and lanterns. It is a clear petroleum distillate with the flammability level of gasoline, so it is often called white gas heat or naphtha fuel. CAMPING FUEL Item# Size Case List 372-14673 750 ml 6 10.99 EA Paraffin-based lamp oil produces a bright flame and burns without smoking. Designed for use in wick feeding lamps or lamp candles, it is recommended to keep the wick short and trim for best results. During long burn periods, the wick will require regular adjustment to prevent smoking and soot damage, even when using smokeless lamp oil. ULTRA-CLEAR LAMP OIL Solvents & Thinners Item# Size List 71-49048 24 oz. 46.59 EA Multi-purpose aerosol or bulk cleaner effective in removing many partially dried and some types of fully cured adhesives without leaving a residue. CITRUS BASE ADHESIVE REMOVER