Marine Equipment Catalogue

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d COURIER Surcharge GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE 89 ELECTRONICS Item# Watts Size Box 665-MAOC6 480 6 1/2" 1 pr 665-MAOC8 500 8" 1 pr High-performance speakers surround your boat with clear, crisp sound and cool blue light. Low profile, waterproof, 2-way coaxial speakers are LED lit. •  Intergral Blue LED Lighting •  IPX6 Waterprood Rating •  Rugged Mechanical ConstructionUsingMaterials Resistant to Sun, Salt, and Corrorsion •  2-way Design With Independently-Mounted Crossover Circuit •  Cone High Power LongExcursion Woofer With 35mm Voice Coil •  3-Year Warranty •  Peak Power Rated OCEAN SERIES SPEAKERS Item# Size Color Box 665-MA6900W 6" x 9" x 3.5" D White 1 pr High power speakers for high power stereo systems, can handle 400 watt power per pair. Completely waterproof, coated internal wiring for long life. Three-way speaker, polypropylene cones and stainless steel grills stand up to harsh marine effects. Heavy duty ABS plastic frames are UV stabilized. 6" x 9" PLATINUM OVAL SPEAKERS Item# 665-ME60BT 4-Channel, 120 Watt RMS Bluetooth wireless audio amplifier with up to 30W RMS per channel. It has a compact, water resistant design for flexible mounting possibilities. The control keypad is designed to withstand installation in the gas zone of a portable spa and in a marine environment. The unit accepts either audio streamed via Bluetooth connection or hard wired input via RCA input. The waterproof control pad is easily mounted. •  Input mode – Bluetooth or direct •  Play/pause – available in Bluetooth mode •  Track forward/repeat – available in Bluetooth mode •  Volume up/down – available in both Bluetooth and direct mode BLUETOOTH WIRELESS AMPLIFIER W/ WATERPROOF CONTROL PAD Item# Description 665-WC3 Panel Mount Protect your stereo from the harsh marine environment. Gasketed covers are designed to keep moisture away from your stereo. Both the WC400 and the WC3 panel mount accommodate dual post, removable and DINstyle stereos. STEREO ENCLOSURE SPLASH COVER WC3 Item# Color 665-WC4B Black 665-WC4W White •  Push button front cover •  Tinted cover •  Corrosion proof •  Spring loaded dampened door •  UV resistant •  Gasket and stainless steel mounting hardware included •  Best choice for anyone that requires basic water resistance WEATHER RESISTANT RADIO SPLASH COVER White Black Item# Size 665-RM10 11.86" W x 10.45" L x 4.323" H Designed to accommodate today's larger front panel format marine radios as well as older DIN style and post mount. Made from heavy wall ABS plastic. It has room for all the accessory cables found on the newest radios. Can be installed overhead or under dash. Mounting hardware included. Accepts PolyPlanar and most other brands of stereos, including Sony, Jensen and more. OVERHEAD/UNDER DASH RADIO MOUNT Stereo/Electronic Accessories MP3 ADAPTER - PANEL MOUNT Item# Case 50-20011 6 •  Connect your MP3 Player, iPod® or satellite radio to your stereo •  Standard 3.5 mm jack and 4' extension-cable w/ RCA plugs •  Dashboard / Panel Mount with Waterproof Cover •  4' - 3.5 mm Patch Cord included •  Easily installed in a 3/4" hole •  Can be installed on panels up to 1.25" thick •  Can be used as remote headphone jack Item# Case 50-20021 6 Provides easy access to your accessory inputs utilizing USB port or 3.5 mm jack. It features a waterproof panel / dash mount with rubber cover and 6.5' cable. Easily installed in 1 3/8" hole. Can be installed on panels up to 1" thick. USB / AUX ACCESSORY EXTENSION CABLE Item# Case 50-20031] 6 The gasket-sealed lid on this splash cover prevents water entry into virtually any marine or spa stereo on the market. Accommodates any dual post, removable and DIN-style stereo. Contemporary styling makes it an attractive addition to the dashboard or wall. The lid lifts easily and stays open in multiple positions to maintain partial splash protection while allowing access to radio controls. Stainless steel mounting hardware (included) for corrosion protection. STEREO SPLASH COVER - PANEL MOUNT Item# Size Case 50-20041 10.45" D x 11.86" W x 4.32" H 4 Designed to accommodate today's larger front panel format Marine stereos as well as older DIN style and Post mount. Made from heavy wall ABS plastic and has room for all the accessory cables found on the newest stereos. Accepts Poly Planar, Sony, Jensen, Marine AV and even Clarion CMD4. Stereo shown (not included). UNDERDASH / OVERHEAD STEREO MOUNT Item# 742-199000] The WOW-SOUND Speaker is a waterproof/shockproof/ dust-proof speaker. Our uniquely shaped design makes this a truly 360°, omnidirectional speaker with high volume stereo sound. Also includes a 360° LED lamp with multi-color light. Great on the water, in the mountains, in the forest, by the beach, in the backyard, anywhere. The stemmed bottom can fit in any WOW cup holders so you can take it on the water. 1-year Warranty. •  Omnidirectional sound •  Portable design with easy carry handle •  Large easy to find and use buttons for play, pause and skip •  Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery •  Over 20+ hours of battery life •  Connects with Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices - iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android •  Connect more than one WOW-SOUND speaker together for greater sound WOW SOUND BUOY