2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d COURIER Surcharge GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE 103 ELECTRONICS Compact L-band satellite communication terminals for use on the Inmarsat FleetBroadband network, ELERA. High-quality access to internet/intranets and email, with simultaneous voice and data up to 150 Kbps. Intellian Fleet One ensures resilient and reliable connectivity at sea. The Intellian Fleet One is simple and easy to install and use. Lightweight antenna can be carried on board easily and only a single RF cable ensures reliable connection. AptusLX offers user friendly UX and is accessible via LAN and Wi-Fi from a smartphone or tablet. Item# List 980-F4A100S 6412.50 EA • Efficient two axis patch array terminal • Simultaneous voice and data • Built-in firewall for data security • Safety - 505 emergency calling • Safety - maritime safety terminal support • Built-in aptusLX intuitive management tool • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g for easy device connection • 2 PoE equipped ethernet ports for VoIP phone connections FLEET ONE MARITIME TERMINAL Item# Dia. List 167-3019 19" (up to 75 miles from broadcast towers) 464.59 EA The Shakespeare® SeaWatch® series of TV antennas are omni-directional, over-the-air digital HDTV solutions that bring sleek lines and 360° high-performance coverage to your watercraft or RV. Designed to accept common 1"-14 threaded mounts, the antennas are well suited to fit virtually any application. When paired with an optional 2-way band separator between the antenna and the amplifier, these antennas can also receive AM/FM radio signals. It is designed for the mobile lifestyle and can be used on marine vessels, RVs, pop-up campers and more! Watch your favorite sports, sitcoms, reality TV, crime dramas, local news, weather, kids programming and more for FREE and in 1080 HD! • No assembly required • Low noise amplifier • Omni-directional • Receives ALL local HD broadcast signals • AC, DC and USB power adapter SEAWATCH® HDTV ANTENNA 3019 Microphone Clips Item# Material Case List 50-19921 Stainless Steel 12 4.16 EA One-piece construction. 1" x 1 15/ 16". Features an integral spring pressure finger to hold the microphone in place. Fits all standard microphones on hailers, CBs and VHF radios. STAINLESS STEEL MICROPHONE CLIP Item# Material Case List 50-19991 Black Nylon 12 6.99 EA One piece molded. No more rust or scratches. 1 3/ 8" x 1 3/ 8". Fits all standard microphones on hailers, CBs and VHF radios. Complete with stainless mounting screws. One per card. NYLON MICROPHONE CLIP Item# List 354-3299901 6.89 EA Secure your microphone close to your radio with this one-piece corrosion resistant clip. Fits all standard microphones for hailers, VHF or CB radios. Fasteners not included. Carded. STAINLESS STEEL MICROPHONE CLIP Ground Plates/Lightning Protection Products Item# List 108-151100 328.34 EA Lowers the exposure to a direct lightning strike by controlling the conditions which can trigger direct strikes, i.e. build-up of static ground charge and formation of ion streamers. Continually leaks off the ground potential in low amperages over a long period of time. The 21" long dissipater attaches with two machine screws to the masthead. For power or sailboats. From the same manufacturer which protects commercial broadcast and television towers. LIGHTNING MASTER™ STATIC DISSIPATOR AIS Antennas Item# Color List 59-876SW White 597.39 EA In conjunction with the USCG Automatic Identification System (AIS) requirements for commercial vessels, Digital Antenna created a series of 4’ AIS antennas that meet the exacting AIS frequency requirements. Designed with a low 1.5:1.0 SWR ratio from 159-162 MHz, Digital Antenna’s 4.5 dB gain AIS antennas offer unsurpassed durability and performance compatible with all AIS transponders. • Powerful brass radiators • Soldered connections • Power directing ferrite choke bead • High gloss urethane finish • 316 stainless steel ferrule • 4.5dB gain • Mount: Stainless steel double female ferrule for mounting 1"–14 threaded base • Connector: Quality female SO-239 (UHF female) • Cable: Not included – use our VHF/AIS cables and two DA645 connectors 4' AIS ANTENNA-800 SERIES AIS marine band 3dB gain. Communication performance over marine frequencies is optimized with the master craftsmanship of this Classic 5215 Squatty Body®, built with extra bandwidth for all popular AIS transceivers. The lightweight, low-profile, stainless steel VHF antenna is designed for masthead mounting to enhance transmission quality. Item# Length List 167-5215AIS 3' 138.59 EA • Designed specifically for AIS transceivers • Sealed, tin-plated copper wire coil • Stainless steel body and 36" whip • SO-239 connector • Mount stainless steel "L" is bracket supplied 5215-AIS 3' CLASSIC AIS SQUATTY BODY® ANTENNA Item# Length List 167-5250AIS] 3' 154.69 EA 5250-AIS 3' SKINNY MINI AIS ANTENNA Designed to meet the broader bandwidth requirements of all popular AIS transceivers, this antenna mounts with ease. Its compact size will be welcome aboard any vessel. Chrome plated brass canister minimizes the de-tuning associated with antennas having plastic canisters. • Sealed, tin-plated copper wire coil • Stainless steel whip (36") • PL-259 connector & 16' RG-58 cable included • 3dB gain