2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

It’s what’s under the surface that counts Introducing Micron® CSC- CA, our newest multi-seasonal bottom paint that delivers excellent protection against all types of fouling. Designed to polish away at a controlled rate, it keeps your bottom clean and can improve boat handling and performance in all waters, from fresh water to salt water. Like you, we have a passion for boating. We provide boaters and boatyards the hull protection they deserve with over 140 years of cutting-edge science, technology and expertise. So you can expect only the best from every Interlux® yacht paint product. Our bottom paints not only protect your hull from fouling, they also protect against the spread of invasive species, safeguarding local waters and helping you enjoy boating with peace of mind. 10361/1220 interlux.com So much more than just bottom paint Relentless performance and protection for every yacht, everywhere, every time.