2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE general boating 158 Item# Description List 606-G265120 Kit w/10' hose 183.19 EA 606-G265 Kit w/o hose 86.79 EA The kit includes a solid brass tee, ball valve and adapters. Complete kit also includes a 10' high pressure LPG hose with 3/ 8" female swivel flare fittings on each end. ® LOW PRESSURE GAS GRILL CONNECTION KIT Item# Ports Volts List 606-130077062KIT 3/ 8" FPT 12 404.39 EA 606-130077082KIT 1/ 4" FPT 12 374.19 EA Low pressure brass LPG solenoid shut-off valve. Will not open with high pressure and will close with no or low electric current. Draws 790 mA when in use. CE certified. Comes with 2 brass connection fittings for ease of installation. 130077082KIT 130077062KIT ® LOW PRESSURE GAS SOLENOID KIT Item# Length List 606-42421144 12' 168.29 EA Solid brass swivel fitting 1" 20 female for tee connection × 1" 20 male with O-ring and check valve. ® HIGH PRESSURE GAS GRILL HOSE Item# Description List 606-G415 Tee only 151.89 EA 606-G41572 Tee w/6' hose 246.39 EA Pressure Tee to be installed between cylinder valve and regulator or pigtail POL fitting. ® HIGH PRESSURE GAS GRILL CONNECTION - TEE STYLE Item# Length List 606-4040772 6' 210.79 EA 606-40407144 12' 182.19 EA Made to convert small gas grills and LPG appliances which are fed by disposable bottles to larger refillable tanks. ® HIGH PRESSURE GAS GRILL ADAPTER HOSE Item# Fits List 606-14388439 Up to 1/ 2" decks/bulkheads 54.99 EA 606-14388876 Up to 3/ 8" decks/bulkheads 41.99 EA Meets ABYC Standard for non-abrasive and vaportight (non pressurized) seal of continuous length of LPG supply line passing “Straight-Thru” watertight bulkheads and decks from inside cylinder locker to each appliance. Resists salt water, fuels, weak acids and common solvents. 14388439: Slides over and seals our LPG hose assemblies (except 40407 & 42421 14388876: Fits over and seals around 1/ 4" - 3/ 8" LPG copper tubing ® STRAIGHT THRU FITTING Item# List 606-12111411 147.39 EA UL Listed, die cast body with 3/ 8” FTP outlet, and wall mount brackets. Connect pigtail hose (item 1014-1415-20) to regulator inlet and the cylinder. By mounting on wall this low pressure regulator saves space in LPG locker, especially when adding a solenoid valve, manifold, gas grill connection tee, etc. 100% leak tested at 300 psi – meets ABYC Marine LPG Standard. 6.5” H x 3.25” W x 3.25”D ® MARINE LPG REGULATOR Item# Outlet List 606-12001411 3/ 8" FPT 248.99 EA The most compact low pressure regulator that meets ABYC marine standard with gauge for required LPG system leak test. It is fully assembled and leak tested with solid brass: male POL cylinder fitting, street tee & 300 psi gauge (low profile, water tight, stainless steel); and UL Listed die cast zinc body. Tank mount. ® MARINE LPG TANK MOUNT SINGLE STAGE REGULATOR Item# List 606-12111402 198.39 EA The most compact low pressure regulator that meets ABYC marine standards with gauge for required LPG System Leak Test. It is fully assembled and leak tested with solid brass: male POL cylinder fitting, street tee and 300 psi gauge. Includes 20" 1014-1415-20 pigtail hose. ® PROPANE 1 STAGE REGULATOR GAUGE & BRACKET Item# Description Outlet List 606-12111401 1 Stage with 20" Pigtail Hose 3/ 8" FPT 297.19 EA 606-12301411 2 Stage (2 x Pigtail Connections) 3/ 8" FPT 657.69 EA Low pressure regulators that meet ABYC marine standard with gauge for required LPG system leak test. UL listed die cast zinc body. Regulators connnect to propane tank with 20" pigtail hose. ® MARINE LPG WALL MOUNT REGULATOR 12301411 12111401 Item# List 606-G487 85.29 EA Simply connect the POL fitting to a female POL adapter fitting then connect a disposable bottle to the female adapter fitting. Solid brass. ® DISPOSABLE PROPANE CYLINDER ADAPTER Item# Capacity Size Weight List 606-14200011 11 lbs. 12" OD x 15 1/ 4" H 8.6 lbs. 524.69 EA 606-14200017 17 lbs. 12" OD x 18 3/ 32" H 10.3 lbs. 548.59 EA 606-14200022 22 lbs. 12" OD x 25" H 12 lbs. 594.39 EA High strength, composite LPG cylinders are light weight and maintenance free. A special fiberglass construction allows you to see the level of propane in the cylinder. They are just what recreational and commercial users need to end unsightly and dangerous rust and corrosion. Manufactured to D.O.T. and T.C specifications. OPD, new Type 1 valve. Dimensions are approximate. ® TRANSPARENT COMPOSITE PROPANE CYLINDER Item# Capacity Size Weight List 606-14100010 2.4 Gal 10 1/ 2" OD x 16 1/ 2" H 10 lbs. 747.99 EA 606-14100020 5 Gal 12 1/ 2" OD x 20 5/ 8" H 20 lbs. 777.39 EA ® LPG SYSTEM ALUMINUM TANK Made out of high strength aluminum that is corrosion free and rust free forever. Dimensions are approximate.