2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d COURIER Surcharge GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE 177 SAFETY Item# Size Color List 960-EM230W 24" x 9.8" White 436.19 EA Opt. Accy. Description List 960-EM230MB SS Mast Mount Brackets, pr. 130.29 ST EM230 RADAR REFLECTOR Suitable for vessels 9 metres and above. Robust polyethylene case. The EM230 model has been successfully tested by QinetiQ to ISO 8729-1999, and meets RORC,ORC,ISAF 2012/13 and WCC requirements of 10M2. Used by the UK Military Forces and others throughout the world. Mast Mount Brackets Sold Separately. Item# Size Color List 960-EM230MBM 17" x 9.8" White 436.19 EA EM230 BASEMOUNT RADAR REFLECTOR EM230 base mount suitable for direct installation on wheel house roofs, RIB A frames or marker buoys. Robust 4 hole base fixing and supplied with fixing kit comprising of spacers to avoid over tightening and neoprene washers to absorb the shock of crashing down on waves at speed. Chosen by the RNLI as best reflector for their fleet of 400 RIB's. Light Not Included. Item# Model Size Color Rating List 962-MOB401 S-2 2" x 22.5" Black 2 m2 Radar Cross Section 84.99 EA 962-MOB402 S-2 2" x 22.5" White 2 m2 Radar Cross Section 84.99 EA 962-MOB404 S-4 4" x 23" Black 4 m2 Radar Cross Section 142.29 EA SAILBOAT RADAR REFLECTOR S-4 Black S-2 White S-2 Black Designed to be mounted in the rigging of sailboats. The best performance is achieved when the Mobri radar reflector is mounted in a vertical position as high as possible above the deck, a minimum of 13' is recommended. It should be mounted in the shrouds away from the "shadow" of the mast. Mounting eyes are molded in the structure at top and bottom. Item# Model Size Color Rating List 962-MOB403 M-2 2" x 23" Black 2 m2 Radar Cross Section 96.89 EA 962-MOB405 M-3 4" x 15" Black 3 m2 Radar Cross Section 146.29 EA 962-MOB406 M-3 4" x 15" White 3 m2 Radar Cross Section 146.29 EA 962-MOB407 M-4 4" x 23" Black 4 m2 Radar Cross Section 164.59 EA POWERBOAT RADAR REFLECTOR M-4 Black M-3 White M-2 Black Designed with a mounting bracket it's most suitable for use on power boats. Best performance is achieved when mounted vertically as high as possible over the deck, away from the "shadow" of other equipment such as antennas. Easy to remove when not in use. Bells Item# Size Case List 50-46021 6" Dia. x 4" H 9 75.74 EA Hand polished cast triple chrome plated brass. Complete with removable bracket. Fasten with #6 screws. FOG BELL Item# Size Finish List 354-455001 6" Chrome Brass 148.49 EA 354-455720 8" Brass 233.69 EA Constructed of improved cast brass. Meets Coast Guard, ABYC, and NMMA requirements for use on vessels 12m (39.4’) to 20m (65.6’) in length. Includes hanger and wall mounted bracket for easy installation. Installs with two #6 FH fasteners (not included). Brass Chrome Brass CAST POLISHED BRASS BELL Item# List 958-WAP006000 245.19 EA • 6" Diameter (15.24 cm) • Polished cast brass • Brass bulkhead/wall slide-in mounting bracket • White, hand-tied, monkey fist lanyard • Made in Italy • Lifetime warranty 6" BRASS BELL WITH MONKEY FIST LANYARD Item# Size List 958-WAP6060EN4006 9" x 12" 314.39 EA This 6" brass bell, mounted on a high-gloss mahogany finish presentation plaque, is a distinctive way to acknowledge accomplishment in any field of endeavor. The white, hand-tied, monkey fist lanyard lends a nautical touch to the award. The accompanying brass plate can be engraved. 6" BRASS BELL ON MAHOGANY PLAQUE Whistles Item# Pkg. Pack Case List 50-46010 Bucket 100 1 2.35 EA 50-46011 Card 1 12 4.16 EA Meets USCG requirements as a signal device Perfect for attachment to life vest as a signal whistle. Lanyard included. 46010: Sold in bulk. Minimum quantity of 100. 46011 Bucket WHISTLE Item# Color Case List 50-11726 Red 12 8.47 EA 50-11727 Yellow 12 8.47 EA Audible signal device. Clips easily to life vests or doubles as a floating key chain. WHISTLE 11727 11726 Item# Pkg. Pack Case List 50-46040 Bucket 50 1 3.18 EA 50-46041 Card 1 12 4.43 EA Meets USCG requirements as a signal device Rugged marine whistle colored bright orange and made of non-corroding, high impact plastic. Comes with lanyard. 46040: Sold in bulk. Minimum quantity of 50. 46041 Bucket STREAMLINED SAFETY WHISTLE