2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ELECTRONICS 38 Lowrance Network Cables, Connectors & Adaptors Item# Model Description Length List Red Connectors 149-000012469]N2KEXP-RED2 Starter Kit 107.89 EA 149-000011988 N2KEXT-2RD Extension Cable 2' 42.19 EA 149-000012753 N2KEXT-6RD Extension Cable 6' 61.69 EA 149-000011986 N2KEXT-15RD Extension Cable 15' 77.09 EA 149-000011983 N2KEXT-25RD Extension Cable 25' 107.89 EA 149-000011979 N2K-TRD Tee Connector 30.89 EA 149-000011975 N2K-PWRRD Power Cable 78.49 EA 149-000012752 TR-120KIT Terminator Kit-120 Ohm 30.89 EA Ethernet Cables 149-000012751 ETHEXXT-6YL Cable 6' 46.29 EA 149-000012729 ETHEXXT-15YL Cable 15' 77.09 EA 149-000012730 ETHEXXT-25YL Cable 25' 107.89 EA Adapters 149-000012705 NAC-FRD2FBL Female Red to Female Blue 74.39 EA Interface Cables 149-000012037 ENG INTERFCE CBL-RD Yamaha w/Red Connector 154.19 EA The Network Backbone Cable is the data communications "pipeline" that runs the length of the boat, and capped at each end with a 120-ohm Terminator. The backbone is interspersed with T-Connectors for linking to (and data sharing between) all sensors and display devices. The NMEA 2000® network 12-Volt power cable connects to the boat's 12-volt supply to power devices like the EP-10 Fuel Flow Sensor, LMF-400 Multi-Function Gauge, and Point-1 GPS Antenna. Compatible fishfinder/chartplotters are powered separately with their own 12-volt power source wiring. Ethernet cables are used to share video data between compatible displays. Starter Kit includes: power cable, 15' backbone cable, 2 terminating resistors (TR120M-RD, TR-120F-RD), two T-connector (N2K-T-RD) and one 2' extension cable (N2KEXT-2RD). NMEA NETWORKING COMPONENTS 000012037 Female RedFemale Blue Adapter Ethernet Cable Terminator Kit Power Cable Tee Connector 000012753 Ext. Cable Starter Kit Item# List 149-00010029001 418.99 EA Expands Ethernet network connectivity for multiple displays and modules. NEP-2 NETWORK EXPANSION PORT Lowrance Transducers & Accessories Item# Description List Transom Mt. Transducers & Accessories 149-000010648] HST-WSU, 20° skimmer (200kHz), Uniplug 89.79 EA 149-000010677 HST-DFSBL, dual frequency skimmer with built-in temperature sensor, 7 Pin Blue 145.79 EA 149-000010672] HST-WSBL, 200khz, skimmer with built-in temperature sensor, 7 Pin Blue 89.69 EA 149-00014029001 HOOK² TripleShot Skimmer CHIRP/200kHz, SideScan & DownScan Imaging™ (455/800kHz) w/Temp 222.59 EA 149-00010260001]Downscan imaging skimmer w/temp 124.79 EA 149-00010976001]HDI Skimmer Xducer 83/200,455/800 kHz, 7Pin Blue 180.69 EA 149-00010977001 HDI Skimmer Xducer 50/200, 455/800 kHz, 7 Pin Blue 330.79 EA 149-00013919001 xSonic Airmar P66 Skimmer Xducer, 50/200 kHz, 9 Pin Black 239.99 EA 149-00010978001 Trolling Motor Adapter for HDI Skimmer Xducers 31.59 EA 149-00010262001 Mount for DownScan Imaging Skimmer 70.19 EA Pod Type Transducers 149-00014887001 9-Pin Shoot-Thru Hull Pod Med/High CHIRP with Remote Temp 133.69 EA 149-000010689 PDRT-WDL Trolling Motor Puck - Shoot-Thru-Hull, wide cone angle, 200 kHz POD transducer with external temperature sensor, 7 Pin Blue 124.79 EA 149-000010674 PDT-WBL, Single frequency (200 kHz), with depth & built-in temperature sensor trolling motor or shootthru-hull mount, 7 Pin Blue 110.79 EA 149-000010673 PD-WBL MT Transducer 200kHz, 7 Pin Blue 124.79 EA Ice Transducers 149-00014089001 HOOK² / Reveal Ice Transducer 106.64 EA 149-00014088001 HOOK² 4x Ice Transducer 106.64 EA Plastic T-Hull Transducers 149-00013915001 xSonic Airmar P319 Plastic Depth/Temp Thru-Hull, 50/200 kHz Broadband, Max Depth 1200' 255.39 EA LOWRANCE TRANSDUCERS 00013915001 00014088001 00014089001 000010673 000010674 000010689 00010262001 00010978001 00013919001 00010976001 00010260001 00014029001 000010672 000010677 000010648 Item# Description List 149-00010802001 StructureScan HD Skimmer Transducer 337.49 EA The world's only 3-channel sonar imaging with picture-perfect views. Best-in-class features deliver truly uncompromised photo-like underwater images. StructureScan® HD is compatible for networking, viewing and independent control with all HDS® Gen2 and HDS® multifunction displays, as well as the Simrad NSS, NSE, NSO and the B&G Zeus multifunction displays. Features: 455kHz and 800kHz kHz frequency, Output: 500W RMS, 4000W PTP, (Voltage: 10V-17V) VDC. Power Consumption: Max: .75A. SideScan Specifications: Max Sidescan Range: 600'/183m side-to-side, Max Downscan Range: 300'/92m. STRUCTURESCAN® HD SONAR IMAGING SYSTEM