2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ELECTRONICS 70 Item# Color Watts List 783-HX890BK] Black 6 407.99 EA 783-HX890NB] Navy Blue 6 429.99 EA Shares all the same capabilities of the popular HX870, plus additional great features, including both a 4 code CVS2500A and s 32 code FVP-42 scrambler systems to ensure secure communications. Also features a built in FM Broacast band receiver. Other notable features include: Switchable daytime or nighttime mode, waypoint and route navigation, and Group monitor function utilizing DSC Group position call. Redesigned with a new ergonomic case design, its been rigorously tested to conform with the Militay Standard (MIL-STD-810F). Includes a LiIon battery, Alkaline battery tray, 110V wall charger, 220V adapter, charging cradle, 12V charger, PC programming cable and belt clip w/lanyard. Industry leading 3 year waterproof warranty. • 6W transmit power output (Selectable 6/2/1 W) • 700mW Audio and Noise Canceling Function for both TX/RX audio • Submersible IPX8 Construction • DSC (Digital Selective Calling) ITU-R M.493 Class-H Operation • 2.60’’W x 5.43’H’ x 1.50’’D w/Excellent ergonomics • Integrated 66 channel WAAS GPS Receiver • 11-hour Operating Time with 1800mAh Li-ion battery • 1.7’’ x 1.7’’ Full-dot matrix display • Waypoint and Route navigation • MOB (Man over Board) feature • Water Activated Emergency Strobe Light • Two Scrambler Systems built-in • Versatile Scanning operation (Dual Watch and Triple Watch) • NOAA Weather Channels with Weather Alert • Micro USB Data jack for PC programming • 3 Year Waterproof Warranty HX890 6 WATT FLOATING HANDHELD VHF RADIO W/GPS Navy Blue Black Item# Description Color Watts List 783-HX400S Black 5/1 407.99 EA 783-HX400IS Intrinsically Safe Black 5/1 610.99 EA HX400 COMMERCIAL GRADE HANDHELD VHF W/ PROGRAMMABLE LMR CHANNELS • Submersible IPX8 (5' or 1.5 m for 30 minutes) • Built-in True Noise Cancelling Microphone • 40 Programmable Land Mobile Channels 134 MHz to 174 MHz with CTCSS and DCS signaling • Programmable channel names • NOAA Weather channels and Weather Alert • Built-in Voice Scrambler • 2300 mAh Li-Ion battery, AC and DC chargers & cradle included • Programmable Scan, Priority Scan and Dual Watch • Preset key recalls up to 10 favorite channels Item# List 783-CMP460 143.99 EA Standard Horizon CMP460 submersible noise canceling speaker mic for use with any Standard Horizon handheld VHF that has a speaker mic jack connection. SUBMERSIBLE SPEAKER MIC Item# List 783-SSM17H 54.00 EA A compact, water-resistant handheld speaker/microphone for use with any Standard Horizon handheld VHF that has a speaker/mic jack connection. COMPACT SPEAKER/MIC Item# Description List 783-MH73A4B Submersible Speaker Mic 108.00 EA A compact, submersible (IP57 3' for 30 Minutes) external speaker mic compatible with all Standard Horizon VHF radios with a speaker mic connection. Loud audio with rugged construction makes this the perfect choice for all Mariners. COMPACT SUBMERSIBLE SPEAKER MIC Item# List 783-SSM21A 144.00 EA Use with any Standard Horizon handheld VHF that has a speaker mic jack connection. Includes heavy duty belt clip. SUBMERSIBLE COMMERCIAL GRADE SPEAKER MIC Item# Description Fits List 783-CAT460 Replacement Antenna HX210, HX280S, HX290, HX370S, HX370SAS, HX380, HX40, HX400, HX400IS, HX851, HX870, HX890 36.45 EA 783-SBH12 Charging cradle HX870 60.75 EA 783-EDC19 DC cable with cigarette lighter plug HX100, HX150, HX210, HX280S, HX290, HX370S, HX370SAS, HX380, HX40, HX400, HX400IS, HX851, HX870, HX890 59.40 EA 783-PA45B 110V AC charger used w/ CD-50 HX400S, HX400IS 28.80 EA 783-FBA38 Alkaline battery tray HX851 45.00 EA 783-FBA40 Alkaline battery tray HX280S, HX380 36.00 EA 783-FBA42 Alkaline battery tray HX290, HX400, HX400IS 45.00 EA 783-FBA44 Alkaline battery tray HX300 45.00 EA 783-SBT13 Alkaline battery tray HX870, HX890 48.15 EA 783-FNB83 Battery 1400 mAh Ni-MH HX370S 77.04 EA 783-FNB124LI Battery 1030 mAh Li-ION HX150 77.04 EA 783-FNB125 Battery 700 mAh Ni-MH HX100 67.41 EA 783-SBR13LI Battery 1800 mAh Li-ION HX870, HX890 96.30 EA 783-SBR27LI Battery 1800 mAh Li-ION HX300 77.04 EA 783-SBR41LI Battery 1750 mAh Li-ION HX380 92.45 EA 783-SSM55A Earpiece/Microphone HX210, HX280S, HX290, HX370S, HX380, HX40, HX400, HX851, HX870, HX890 75.60 EA Parts & accessories compatible with Standard Horizon hand held VHF radios. HANDHELD VHF PARTS & ACCESSORIES SSM55A FNB124LI FBA40 SBH12 CAT460