2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d COURIER Surcharge GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE 9 ELECTRONICS Large, bright screens with quick and easy-touse keypad interfaces with user-programmable keys and multifunction control knobs for ease of use. Item# Model Display List 322-0100174050 GPSMAP® 1042xsv w/o Transducer 10" 2159.99 EA 322-0100174060 GPSMAP® 1042xsv w/GT52HW-TM Transducer 10" 2564.99 EA 322-0100174150 GPSMAP® 1242xsv w/o Transducer 12" 3104.99 EA 322-0100174160 GPSMAP® 1242xsv w/GT52HW-TM Transducer 12" 3509.99 EA • Wide viewing angles on a vivid color display • Built-in Navionics+™ inland and coastal mapping • Compatible with our premium maps and charts • See what’s around your boat with built-in sonar capabilities on select models (transducers sold separately) • Built-in single-channel CHIRP sonar plus CHIRP ClearVü™ and CHIRP SideVü™ scanning sonars with Panoptix™ and LiveScope™ sonar support on select models (transducers sold separately) • Built-in ANT wireless connectivity to compatible Garmin devices • Built in Wi-Fi® technology for the free all-in-one ActiveCaptain app • Garmin Marine Network and NMEA 2000® networking plus NMEA 0183 support • Engine connectivity, read RPMs, fuel flow, temperature, trim and other important information at a glance. Check with your engine manufacturer for additional hardware needs. GPSMAP® 10XX & 12XX SERIES GPS CHARTPLOTTER Item# Model Display List 322-0100236560 GPSMAP® 743 Non-sonar with Mapping 7" 1484.99 EA 322-0100236561 GPSMAP® 743xsv SideVü, ClearVü and Traditional CHIRP Sonar with Mapping 7" 1619.99 EA 322-0100236580 GPSMAP® 743xsv SideVü, ClearVü and Traditional CHIRP Sonar with Mapping & GMR™ 18 HD+ Radome 7" 3509.99 EA 322-0100236660 GPSMAP® 943 Non-sonar with Mapping 9" 1889.99 EA 322-0100236661 GPSMAP® 943xsv SideVü, ClearVü and Traditional CHIRP Sonar with Mapping 9" 2024.99 EA 322-0100236680 GPSMAP® 943xsv SideVü, ClearVü and Traditional CHIRP Sonar with Mapping & GMR™ 18 HD+ Radome 9" 3914.99 EA 322-0100236760 GPSMAP® 1243 Non-sonar with Mapping 12" 3779.99 EA 322-0100236761 GPSMAP® 1243xsv SideVü, ClearVü and Traditional CHIRP Sonar with Mapping 12" 4049.99 EA 322-0100236780 GPSMAP® 1243xsv SideVü, ClearVü and Traditional CHIRP Sonar with Mapping & GMR™ 18 HD+ Radome 12" 5939.99 EA • Slimline design w/edge-to-edge glass • High-resolution IPS displays • Built-in Garmin Navionics+ integrated coastal and inland mapping • Optional upgrade to Garmin Navionics Vision+™ premium chart subscription • Sailassist™ features; View laylines, race start line guidance, enhanced wind rose, heading and course-over-ground lines, true wind data fields and tide/current/time slider, wind angle, set and drift, and more • Sailing Polars, Use the polar table to see key data, including how fast you should go at a certain wind angle and speed • Garmin Marine network for compatible Garmin devices • NMEA 2000® & NMEA 0183 networks • Built-in Wi-Fi® pairs with the free Activcaptain® APP mobile app • Engine connectivity to different engines, including select Yamaha • OneHelm feature brings all the operations and capabilities of select third-party devices, such as EmpirBus™ digital switching, on one screen xsv Units: Built-in Ultra High-Definition SideVü and ClearVü™ scanning sonars also supports 1 kW CHIRP traditional sonar capabilities, Pair with Panoptix or LiveScope™ easy-to-interpret live sonar (transducer required, sold separately) to see all around your boat in real time. In The Box: GPSMAP unit, microSD™ card preinstalled, Power cable, NMEA 2000® T-connector, NMEA 2000 drop cable (2 meters), Bail mount kit with knobs, Flush mount kit, Protective cover, Trim piece snap covers. xsv Units also include: 8-pin to 12-pin transducer adapter cable. xsv with Radar also include: GMR 18 HD+ radome, Mounting hardware kit, Power cable (15 m), Network cable (15 m). GPSMAP® 743, 943 & 1243 SERIES GPS CHARTPLOTTER W/TOUCHSCREEN Garmin Remote Sounder Modules Item# List 322-0100095700 1012.49 EA With up to 2,000 Watts of transmit power and a highdynamic range receiver, the GSD 24 brings high-definition imaging to your compatible Garmin chartplotter. The system is dual frequency (50/200 kHz) capable and offers selectable transmit power (600 W, 1 kW and 2 kW, depending on transducer) for pin-point accuracy at depths of up to 5,000 ft (1,500 m). So whether you're out sportfishing or just keeping an eye on hazardous terrain and reef structures beneath your boat, you'll see a clearer picture with enhanced separation of images and deeper bottom detection. Once connected, your sonar data will be shared on any compatible chartplotter on the network. Plus, the network's high-speed connections ensure that you get ultra-fast screen updates with minimal delay. Features: vastly improved digital sonar design for superior target definition and deep-water performance. GSD24 DIGITAL REMOTE SOUNDER Garmin Transducers, Mounts & Accessories Item# List 322-0100216400 708.79 EA Enjoy added security and awareness on your vessel. • Monitor 1 or more areas above and below deck in clear, real-time HD video • HD resolution for excellent images, even in low light • Stream video from up to 4 cameras at a time • Use reverse-image setting on compatible chartplotters to help back out of tight locations • Connect and share video across multiple compatible chartplotters • Power: 10 - 16 VDC or over Garmin marine network through the Power and Audio Module (010-12527-00) sold separate) • Camera connection: Garmin Marine Network • Images: Standard and reversed; rotated 90,180 or 270 • Night vision: Built-In IR LEDs • Night vision distance: Up to 30 meters • Viewing angle: 99° horizontal/74° vertical • Image sensor: 2.0 megapixel • Resolution: Up to 1920 x 1080 pixels • Video output: H.264 over GMN • Operating temperature: -20C to 60C • Water rating: IPX7 GC™ 200 MARINE IP CAMERA Item# kHz Material Type List Transom Mount Transducer 322-0101024940 77/200 Plastic D, 8 Pin 107.19 EA 322-0101027200 50/200 Plastic D,T, 6 Pin 109.99 EA D = Depth, S = Speed, T = Temperature GARMIN TRANSDUCERS 0101027200 0101024940 Item# Description List 322-0101098221 8° - 15° deadrise angles 432.29 EA 322-0101098220 16°- 24° deadrise angles 432.29 EA Dual frequency (50/200 kHz) transducer is specially designed to provide a vertical beam without a fairing block. The ceramic element is tilted to provide deadrise compensation. The resulting vertical beam provides excellent echo returns for more accurate depth readings. The nearly flush housing minimizes drag with only 3/ 16" extending outside of the hull. Includes a built-in temp sensor and handles up to 600 watts (RMS) power. Includes 39' cable. B60 TILTED ELEMENT BRONZE THRU-HULL TRANSDUCER