2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d COURIER Surcharge GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE 99 ELECTRONICS Polk Stereos Item# Size List 450-UMC1RTL 5.4" W x 3.75" H x 1.7" D 850.59 EA • 2.8" color TFT display viewable in direct sunlight • Glass lens protects from cleaning products • Control all main functions with Polk Ultramarine app • Low-profile flush-mount w/detachable trim ring for front mounting • Rotary volume control and menu-driven user interface • Conformal coated PCB • IPX5 waterproof design • UV resistant (ASTM D4329) • Corrosion resistant (ASTM D1141) ULTRAMARINE UMC1 APP READY COMMANDER Poly-Planar Stereo Equipment Ideal for locations where other speakers won't fit. Speakers feature low magnetic field and will handle 80 watts/pair. Polypropylene cones, stainless steel grills and brackets, and heavyduty ABS enclosures make them corrosionproof and waterproof. Dual cone design with 3” main cone size. Item# Size Color Box List 665-MA840B 4" x 4" Black 1 pr 108.99 BX SUBCOMPACT BOX SPEAKERS Item# Size Color Box List 665-MA3030G 6 1/ 2" x 3 7/ 8" x 4 1/ 8" Grey 1 pr 212.99 BX • Completely waterproof and easily mounted either horizontally or vertically with the supplied bracket • Powder coated stainless bracket • Gold-plated binding posts • Powder coated aluminum grill • Mounting hardware and speaker wire included • 3" 120 watts/pair, 2-way box speaker COMPACT BOX SPEAKER Item# Size Color Box List 665-MA7500W 7 11/ 16" x 5 1/ 8" x 4 11/ 16" White 1 pr 225.99 BX Concert hall quality, two-way box speakers are designed to deliver top quality sound where space is at a premium. Corrosion-proof construction make them impervious to the harsh marine environment. • Low magnetic field • 100 Watts/pair • 3" Polypropylene cones • Powder coated stainless steel grills and bracket • 180º rotational gimbal mount included COMPACT BOX SPEAKERS MA7500W Item# Size Color Box List 665-MA9060B 6" H x 9" L x 6" D Black 1 pr 437.99 BX 665-MA9060W 6" H x 9" L x 6" D White 1 pr 532.99 BX Features low magnetic field, full range, bass reflex box speakers offer top quality sound. Will handle 200 watts/pair. Gimbal mounting bracket included. White Black WATERPROOF BOX SPEAKERS Item# Size Color Box List 665-MA3013G 3" Grey 1 pr 110.69 BX • 60 watt, flush mount, midrange speakers • Low magnetic field • Waterproof construction throughout • Powder coated aluminum grills • Mounting hardware & speaker wire included • Quick connect terminals 3" FLUSH MOUNT WATERPROOF SPEAKERS Waterproof, ultra low-magnetic field 300 watt/ pr. speakers with a titanium-plated cone. 3-way design with mylar tweeter & midrange. Peak Power: 150 W RMS/speaker, 4 ohm. Item# Size Color List 665-MA8506 6" White 314.99 BX 6" TITANIUM SERIES 3-WAY SPEAKERS Item# Watts Size Box List 665-MAOC6 480 6 1/ 2" 1 pr 460.99 BX 665-MAOC8 500 8" 1 pr 590.99 BX High-performance speakers surround your boat with clear, crisp sound and cool blue light. Low profile, waterproof, 2-way coaxial speakers are LED lit. • Intergral Blue LED Lighting • IPX6 Waterprood Rating • Rugged Mechanical Construction Using Materials Resistant to Sun, Salt, and Corrorsion • 2-way Design With IndependentlyMounted Crossover Circuit • Cone High Power Long-Excursion Woofer With 35mm Voice Coil • 3-Year Warranty • Peak Power Rated OCEAN SERIES SPEAKERS Item# List 665-ME60BT 329.99 EA 4-Channel, 120 Watt RMS Bluetooth wireless audio amplifier with up to 30W RMS per channel. It has a compact, water resistant design for flexible mounting possibilities. The control keypad is designed to withstand installation in the gas zone of a portable spa and in a marine environment. The unit accepts either audio streamed via Bluetooth connection or hard wired input via RCA input. The waterproof control pad is easily mounted. • Input mode – Bluetooth or direct • Play/pause – available in Bluetooth mode • Track forward/repeat – available in Bluetooth mode • Volume up/down – available in both Bluetooth and direct mode BLUETOOTH WIRELESS AMPLIFIER W/ WATERPROOF CONTROL PAD Item# Description List 665-WC3 Panel Mount 69.69 EA Protect your stereo from the harsh marine environment. Gasketed covers are designed to keep moisture away from your stereo. Both the WC400 and the WC3 panel mount accommodate dual post, removable and DIN-style stereos. STEREO ENCLOSURE SPLASH COVER WC3