2024 Marine Catalogue - Canada

NP38 NEW PRODUCTS ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS v OVERSIZED d UPS/FEDEX SURCHARGE Item# Color 693-MD3800191 Gray 693-MD38004 Red 693-MD3800193 Mahi Yellow 3D mesh-lined belt pack. The pillow-style bladder activates with a manual inflation cord and is simple and easy to repack after use. Two zippered pockets, a mesh pocket and a key loop keep your valuables secure while paddling. 18.9 lbs of buoyancy. ESSENTIALIST BELT PACK Lightweight PFD with a manual inflation handle to let you choose when and where you deploy. The hi-vis bladder with contrasting fabric aids in rescue scenarios, and safety checks and re-arming are a breeze with a visibility window and easy-access inflator. Explore inshore areas confidently with 15.7 lbs of inflated buoyancy. • Ideal for inshore recreation • Front entry with convenient buckle • Convenient safety checks and re-arming Item# Color 693-MD4041268 Blue 693-MD4041191 Gray 693-MD40414 Red Red Blue Gray M.I.T™ 70 MANUAL INFLATABLE PFD Lightweight PFD with a manual inflation handle to let you choose when to deploy while the automatic function deploys automatically in water. Includes a hi-vis bladder with contrasting fabric for rescue scenarios, a visibility window, and easy-access inflator for safety checks and re-arming. For inshore areas with 15.7 lbs of inflated buoyancy. • ideal for inshore recreation • Convenient front entry with buckle • Manual inflation handle M.I.T.™ 70 AUTOMATIC INFLATABLE PFD Blue Red Item# Color 693-MD4042268 Blue 693-MD4042191 Gray 693-MD40424 Red Lightweight, durable PFD allows you to easily swap between automatic and manual inflation. A zippered hip pocket holds a spare cartridge. A front entry buckle secures the vest while the design turns most wearers face up in the water. 28 lbs of buoyancy when deployed. Ideal for inshore and coastal waters. • Convenient front entry with buckle • 1-fold design is easy to repack • Inflator inspection window for convenient safety checks Item# Color 693-MD2040CM Mossy Oak 693-MD2040191 Gray 693-MD20404 Red Red Mossy Oak Gray M.I.T.™ 100 AUTOMATIC INFLATABLE PFD Item# Color 693-MD2021191 Gray With a type II rating, this PFD provides greater buoyancy, stronger turning performance, and airway protection. An easy swap of the inflater cap (included) allows you to switch between manual and automatic modes based on your activity. A zippered hip pocket keeps your converter cap close, and an inflator inspection window and access flap allow for easy safety checks. 38 lbs of buoyancy when inflated. • Ability to switch between automatic and manual inflation modes • Convenient front entry with buckle • Exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (MIT) creates a lightweight and flexible fit M.I.T.™ 150 AUTOMATIC INFLATABLE PFD Item# Color 693-MD315702235 Orange The first Transport Canada approved inflatable lifejacket in Canada. Automatically inflates when submerged in 4” or more of water pressure and not inadvertently due to rain, spray or humidity. Maintenance-free for 5 years or until inflated. Made for the most severe marine environments. HIT™ INFLATABLE PFD Item# 693-MRD500 Compact, aerodynamic throw bag with reflective details and a built-in bailer. Ready to toss to a swimmer, the 1/ 4" rope is 50' long with a tensile strength of 1,200 lbs. BAILER THROW BAG Gray