2024 Marine Catalogue - Canada

NP42 NEW PRODUCTS ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS v OVERSIZED d UPS/FEDEX SURCHARGE Find the perfect fit for your electric trolling motor shaft. The flexible strap holds it in place during transit to avoid unnecessary damage or vibration. The support can be offset inboard or outboard to suit the alignment of your trolling motor shaft. Overall height is 13". Easily adjustable to suit different shaft heights and is removable to create a clear deck when trolling motor is in use. Can be mounted to any RAILBLAZA StarPort mount. TROLLING MOTOR SUPPORT XL Item# Color 509-02415811 Black Opt. Accy. Color Description 509-03401511 Black Starpoint Base 509-03404611 Black Starpoint HD Base • Fits Wilderness Systems, Native Watercraft, Jackson Kayak, YakAttack, Scotty, YakGear and RAILBLAZA tracks. Compatible with baitcasting, spinning, offshore, and fly reels. Features a rotating collar for reduced 'strike-theft', a gimbal lock for compatible rods, an adjustable 360° range and over 90° vertical range. Fits most existing tracks from both sides of a kayak. No tools required. MiniPort can be used with many other RAILBLAZA kayak rail accessories. ROD HOLDER II WITH MINIPORT TRACMOUNT Item# Color 509-08008511 Black Item# Color 509-08008611 Black RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R and Miniport Tracmount combo. Suitable for fresh water and inshore fishing with Spinning, Bait Casting or Fly Reels. Lightweight and Strong. MiniPort TracMount base requires no tools for repositioning and can be used with many other RAILBLAZA accessories. ROD HOLDER R MINIPORT TRACMOUNT KIT Works with baitcasting, spinning, conventional and fly rods. Lightweight and strong. Allows tool-free installation on most aluminum track boats and features a mounting port at the top of the base which is perfect for accessories such as navigation lights and camera mounts with just a single click of the slide lock. ROD HOLDER R TRACLOADER SIDEPORT KIT Item# Color 509-08010811 Black Item# Color 509-04402011 Black This versatile heavy rod holder fits all types of rods and reels and features quick adjustments with a rotating collar for reduced 'strike-theft', a rear gimbal lock for compatible rods, and an adjustable 360° range and over 90° vertical range. The multifunctional mount helps you fit and re-task different RAILBLAZA accessories. StarPort Base included. ROD HOLDER II WITH STARPORT KIT Item# Color 509-02408211 Black A light-duty rod holder suitable for fresh water and inshore fishing. Fits any RAILBLAZA mounting port. The stretchable strap wraps around the top for baitcaster and fly reels and around the bottom for spinning reels, keeping your rod and reel safe. Molded-in rugged fibreglass-reinforced plastic, with stainless fasteners. StarPort base sold separately. ROD HOLDER R Item# Color 509-04408211 Black Great for Spinning, Bait Casting or Fly Reels. Lightweight and strong. Includes a rectangular, four-point installation base fits the popular 2" x 4" mounting area. Stainless hardware included. Compatible with all RAILBLAZA StarPort accessories. ROD HOLDER R STARPORT HD KIT Versatile and convenient, multifunctional mount can be recessed or surface mounted and used vertical on surfaces like kayaks, canoes, and ATVs. Features a slide lock for secure attachment coupled with a cap and gasket to prevent water from seeping in. Simple installation. Accepts any RAILBLAZA Starport accessory. STARPORT BASE Item# Color 509-03401511 Black Perfect for a variety of recreational and marine activities. It allows you to easily attach any RAILBLAZA accessory and is preferred for the rail system on Hobie Adventure Island and Hobie Pro Angler models. For round or square rails. Item# Color Fits 509-03401111 Black 19-25mm (.75-1") Rails 509-03401311 Black 32mm-41mm (1.25"-1.5") Rails STARPORT RAILMOUNT 19-25 32-41 Item# Color 509-03410811 Black Simple rigging of your kayak tracks with RAILBLAZA fishing accessories! Compatible with every track on the market (including Wilderness Systems, Native Watercraft, Jackson Kayak, YakAttack, Scotty, YakGear and RAILBLAZA tracks), you'll find the perfect position for your gear. Requires no tools for repositioning-just a quick twist. MINIPORT TRACMOUNT BASE Item# Color 509-02402011 Black Robust and versatile, designed to secure your rod in any position with 360º of adjustability around and 90º of vertical leeway. Universal design fits any size of reel. It Reduces "strike theft" and rod rotation. Easily installed with any StarPort base system (Base not included). Starport base sold separately ROD HOLDER II UV resistant fiberglass reinforced nylon. Everything you need for fitting a 5" or 8" track with ease or link two kits together for a track up to 14". Simple surface mounting - just mount your track and attach any RAILBLAZA accessories (sold separately). Stainless hardware included. EXPANDA TRACK Item# 509-01412211 Comes complete with adaptors, rubber grips, and self-adhesive grip tape added in for extra protection, all stainless steel installation hardware and instructions.