Marine Equipment Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL PWC & Jet Boats ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d COURIER Surcharge 1135 ANODES Item# Description Material Case List 194-CMV16 875810Z Ring Zinc 9.99 EA 194-CMV15 875809Z Ring Zinc 8.69 EA 194-CMV17 875806-4 Med Ring Zinc 40 12.39 EA 194-CMV18 875815-3 Lrg Ring Zinc 12 23.39 EA 194-CM3854130Z Gimbal Plate SX Drive Zinc 20 33.59 EA 194-CM3855411Z Trans Plate SX Drive Zinc 20 42.99 EA 194-CM823661Z Pencil Anode Zinc 150 13.49 EA 194-CM832598Z Transom plate Zinc 25 26.89 EA 194-CM838929Z Pencil Anode Zinc 140 7.09 EA 194-CM852835Z Anode Bar Zinc 25 31.19 EA 194-CM872139Z Anode Bar DPX Drive Zinc 25 30.29 EA 194-CM872793Z Transom Triangle Zinc 125 13.69 EA 194-CM3863206Z DPH/DPR Cavitation Plate Zinc 23.39 EA 194-CM875812Z Saildrive Ring Zinc 12 35.79 EA 194-CM875821Z Duo Prop ring Zinc 12 28.59 EA 194-CMV18A 875815-3 Lg Ring Aluminum 12 22.79 EA 194-CM3854130A Gimbal Plate SX Drive Aluminum 20 29.99 EA 194-CM3855411A Transom Plate SX Drive Aluminum 20 27.29 EA 194-CM832598A Transom plate Aluminum 25 19.99 EA 194-CM852835A Anode Bar Aluminum 25 27.09 EA 194-CM875821A Duo Prop ring Aluminum 12 27.09 EA 194-CMV18M 875815-3 Lrg Ring Magnesium 12 20.69 EA 194-CM832598M Transom plate Magnesium 25 23.19 EA 194-CM875821M Duo Prop ring Magnesium 12 25.79 EA Aluminum for salt and brackish water Magnesium for fresh water Zinc for salt water VOLVO ANODES CM875821 CM875812 CM3863206 CM872793 CM872139 CM852835 CM838929 CM832598 CM823661 CM3855411 CM3854130 CMV18 CMV15, 16, 17 Item# Description Material Case List 194-CM3861636Z XDP-B Drive Ring Zinc 72 13.19 EA 194-CM3861634Z XDP-B Drive Block Zinc 48 16.39 EA 194-CM3588745Z SX-A/ DPS Transom Bar Zinc 30 29.39 EA 194-CM3841427Z SX-A/ DPS Transom Shield Zinc 20 18.59 EA 194-CM3883728Z DPS Drive Gearhouse Zinc 1 20.49 EA 194-CM3593881Z IPS Drive In-take Zinc 40 37.99 EA 194-CM851983Z Sail Drive 120 Ring Zinc 22.39 EA 194-CM358407Z Sail Drive Collar Zinc 41.39 EA 194-CM3861634A XDP-B Drive Block Alum. 48 20.69 EA 194-CM3861636A XDP-B Drive Ring Alum. 72 15.99 EA 194-CM40005875A IPS Drive Transom Bar Alum. 6 109.99 EA 194-CM873395M SX-A/ DPS Block Mag. 40 24.49 EA 194-CM3841427M SX-A/ DPS Transom Shield Mag. 20 34.99 EA 194-CM3883728M DPS Drive Gearhouse Mag. 1 36.09 EA 194-CM40005875M IPS Drive Transom Bar Mag. 6 197.19 EA Always check propeller clearance after installing new trim tab anodes. Aluminum for salt and brackish water, magnesium for fresh water, zinc for salt water. VOLVO PENTA™ ANODES CM873395 CM40005875 CM358407 CM851983 CM3593881 CM3883728 CM3841427 CM3588745 CM3861634 CM3861636