Marine Equipment Catalogue

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d COURIER Surcharge GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE 149 general boating Item# Burners Volts Size Cut Out 924-FOR75121 1 120 12" x 12" x 3 3/4" 10 5/8" x 10 5/8" x 8" 924-FOR75221 2 120 21" x 12" x 3/3/4" 20" x 10 5/8" x 8" Ceramic glass countertops with high-speed, efficient radiant 1200W burners have low profile elegance and are a breeze to clean. 2-Burner 1-Burner CERAMIC-GLASS ELECTRIC COOKTOP Item# Description 924-72655 Igniter box Igniter box STOVE SPARK IGNITION BOX LPG Tanks & Accessories Item# 567-BPH Stainless steel. Designed for 20 Lb tanks transom or floor mount. Tank not included. PROPANE TANK HOLDER Item# 606-11901411 Meets ABYC Marine Standard for required LPG System Leak Test by installing this between LPG cylinder valve and Regulator or Pigtail Hose without gauge. Fully assembled and leak tested with solid brass male POL cylinder fitting, female POL receptacle block, and 300 PSI Gauge (low profile, water tight, stainless steel). ® PROPANE LEAK TEST ADAPTER WITH GAUGE Item# Description Volts 606-130077054 Panel w/ 1/4" Solenoid 12 606-130077053 Panel w/ 3/8" Solenoid 12 CE Certified Gas Control Panel has green ON indicator light & red OFF indicator light. Draws 953 M.A. when ON and gas is in service. Panel can operate on 24VDC with the use of 24VDC Solenoid. ® MARINE PROPANE CONTROL SYSTEM Turns LP Gas ON or OFF at the solenoid valve on the L.P. Gas regulator assembly from inside the galley. Simple to install. Continuously monitors area(s) for presence of gas fumes. Automatically turns off (closes) the solenoid valve and activates an audio alarm. Red alarm indicator lights if a gas fume is detected at 20% lower explosion limit (LEL). System allows for up to 3 L.P. Gas Detectors to independently monitor area(s) for presence of gas fumes. Item# Description 606-13007760 Kit w/Panel, Sensor & 10' Cable 606-13007761KIT Kit w/Panel, Sensor, 3/8" Solenoid & 10' Cable Opt. Accy. Description 606-13007721120 Quick Connect Cable 606-13007720 Aditional Gas Sensor Only 606-13007721240 Quick Connect Cable ® LPG CONTROL AND DETECTION SYSTEM Item# Length 606-1014140120 20" Use to connect wallmount regulators to LPG cylinders (inside valve - left hand thread). Fully assembled and leak tested with solid brass male POL cylinder fitting, 1/4" male inverted flare, and high pressure LPG hose. UL Listed assembly. ® LPG PIGTAIL HOSE Item# Length 606-1014141520 20" Use to connect wallmount regulators to cylinders with new Type 1 valves (outside RH threads). Fully assembled, leak tested and UL Listed. 20" high pressure hose with 1/4" male inverted flare fitting. Thermoplastic QCC nut for quick and easy hand tight connection. Allows no gas flow unless fully connected. Nut has heat sensing feature that shuts off all gas flow if temperatures reach 240° to 300° F. A controlled flow device will activate in case of a down-stream gas system break (at 200 Cu Ft/Hr.) and restrict gas flow (to 10 CFH at 100 PSI). ® LPG PIGTAIL HOSE - QUICK CLOSING COUPLING Item# Length 606-1014383824 2' 606-1014383860 5' 606-10143838120 10' 606-10143838180 15' 606-10143838240 20' 606-10143838300 25' 606-10143838360 30' 606-10143838420 35' 606-10143838480 40' Easy to install and won't corrode or develop stress/fatigue cracks. This UL listed hose is fully assembled and leak tested with solid brass fittings (3/8" female swivel flare each end), and high pressure LPG hose. ® LPG SUPPLY LINE HOSE Item# Description 606-G265120 Kit w/10' hose 606-G265 Kit w/o hose The kit includes a solid brass tee, ball valve and adapters. Complete kit also includes a 10' high pressure LPG hose with 3/8" female swivel flare fittings on each end. ® LOW PRESSURE GAS GRILL CONNECTION KIT Item# Ports Volts 606-130077062KIT 3/8" FPT 12 606-130077082KIT 1/4" FPT 12 Low pressure brass LPG solenoid shut-off valve. Will not open with high pressure and will close with no or low electric current. Draws 790 mA when in use. CE certified. Comes with 2 brass connection fittings for ease of installation. 130077082KIT 130077062KIT ® LOW PRESSURE GAS SOLENOID KIT Item# Length 606-42421144 12' Solid brass swivel fitting 1" 20 female for tee connection × 1" 20 male with O-ring and check valve. ® HIGH PRESSURE GAS GRILL HOSE Item# Description 606-G415 Tee only 606-G41572 Tee w/6' hose Pressure Tee to be installed between cylinder valve and regulator or pigtail POL fitting. ® HIGH PRESSURE GAS GRILL CONNECTION - TEE STYLE