Marine Equipment Catalogue

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d COURIER Surcharge GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE 41 ELECTRONICS Item# Model Cable 152-A80351 CPT-100DVS 33' Raymarine's exclusive line of DownVision transducers pair a conical CHIRP fishfinding element with a wide beam DownVision element. The result is an unrivaled level of subsurface visibility. Compatible with a68, a78, a98 & a128 multifunction displays. •  Max Depth (Ft): DV=600 FF=900 •  Beam Width (L/H): 25°/60° •  Records: Depth / Temperature •  Approved Hull Material: Fibreglass / Wood / Metal •  Deadrise: 0-90° Transom •  Replaces: A80270 TRANSOM MOUNT DOWNVISION TRANSDUCER Item# Description 152-A80373 P79S Smart™ In-Hull Transducer 152-T70278 P79S Smart™ In-Hull Transducer w/SeaTalkng Adapter •  235 kHz frequency •  6m (20’) NMEA 2000 cable •  Devicenet connector •  No holes to drill •  Installation can be done in the water •  Recommended for solid fiberglass hulls •  Epoxies to aluminum hulls under 0.38 mm (0.150”) thick •  Easily adapts to deadrise angles up to 22° Compatible with: ST40/ST60/i40/i50 on SeaTalk1 and i50 on STng - operate as repeaters only Note: a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter may be required. ST70, ST70+ and i70 on the SeaTalkng network are required for calibration P795S SMART™ TRANSDUCER Item# Description 152-E22079 with 162.50' (50m’) Cable Long arm wind, speed and angle tranducer compatible with i60, ST60 and ST60+ instruments. LONG ARM VANE TRANSDUCER Item# 152-A80007 HS5 SEATALKhs NETWORK SWITCH In use SeaTalkhs data is quickly distributed to other SeaTalkhs equipment using the HS5 switch. Information shared using the SeaTalkhs network includes shared cartography (between compatible displays), digital radar data and sonar data. •  Dimensions:10" x 3.5" x 3" •  Operating voltage range: 9 - 32 V dc •  Power consumption: < 2.5 W < 600 mA @ 12 V •  Waterproof to IPX6 •  Supported connection speeds: 10 Mbit/S 100 Mbit/S 1000 Mbit/S Item# 152-T70134 SeaTalkng is a robust cabling and connection system compatible with NMEA 2000, built specifically for the marine environment comprising a powered single backbone with two terminators, one at each end. The 5-way connector forms the start of your SeaTalkng backbone and your SeaTalkng product is connected via a Spur Cable. As your Raymarine system expands, so can your starter kit. Additional backbone cables, plugs and sockets can be added so you can connect more products via spur cables. Kit includes: •  A06031: SeaTalkng Backbone Terminator (x2) •  A06064: SeaTalkng 5-way Connector •  A06040: SeaTalkng Spur Cable 3m •  A06049: SeaTalkng Power Cable SEATALKng STARTER KIT Item# Description Length 152-E70010 iTC-5 Instrument Transducer Converter 152-T12217 Cable Kit/NMEA2000 Gateway (1X A06039, 1X A06045, 1X A06064, 1X A06049, 2X A06031) 152-A25062 STNG Backbone Kit (2 x A06031, 1 x A06037, 2 x A06036, 4 x A06028, 1 x A06049) 152-E22158 ST1 to STNG Adaptor Kit (1x R52131, 2x A06031, 2x A06032, 1x A22164, 1x A06049, 1x A06039) 152-R52131 ST1 to STNG Convertor only 152-A06049 STNG Power Cable 152-A06028 STNG T-Piece Connector 152-A06064 5 Way Connector 152-A06030 Extender 152-A06031 STNG Backbone Terminator 152-A06033 Backbone Cable 0.4m 152-A06034 Backbone Cable 1m 152-A06035 Backbone Cable 3m 152-A06036 Backbone Cable 5m 152-A06068 STNG Backbone Cable 9m 152-A06037 Backbone Cable 20m 152-A06039 Spur Cable 1m 152-A06040 Spur Cable 3m 152-A06041 Spur Cable 5m 152-A06072 White Spur Cable (RS130 antenna cable) 6m 152-A06074 In-Line STNG Terminator 152-A06045 DeviceNet (Female) Adaptor Cable 0.4m 152-A06046 DeviceNet (Male) Adaptor Cable 1.5m 152-A06077 STNG Right Angle Adaptor 152-A06084 DeviceNet (F) to STNG (M socket) Right Angle Adaptor 152-A06032 Blanking Plug 152-A06075 STNG to Devicenet (Female) Adaptor Cable 1m 152-A06076 STNG to Devicenet (Male) Adaptor Cable 1m STNG CABLES & COMPONENTS NETWORK CABLES & COMPONENTS Item# Description Length 152-A80262 RayNet (M to F) Right Angle Adaptor 152-A80247 RayNet (F) to RJ45 (F) Adaptor 0.1m 152-A62360 RayNet (F) to RJ45 (M) cable 1m 152-A62362 RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) cable 10m 152-A80006 RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) cable 20m 152-A80162 RayNet (M) to RayNet (M) cable 0.1m 152-A80160 RayNet (F) to SeatalkHS (F) adaptor 0.4m 152-A80272 RayNet (M) to SeatalkHS (M) water tight for DSM or legacy MFD connection to open RayNet Female cable ST1 CABLES AND COMPONENTS 152-D244 3 Way SeaTalk Junction Block 152-D284 SeaTalk Extension Cable 1m 152-D285 SeaTalk Extension Cable 3m Item# Description Size 152-A80227 Radar to 'RayNet & Power' cable 5m 152-A80228 Radar to 'RayNet & Power' cable 10m 152-A92141D Radar 'RayNet & Power' Extension Cable 2.5m Data cable for Raymarine digital and HD radars. DIGITAL RADAR CABLE A92141D A80227 Item# Size 152-A80274 16.4' 152-A80275 32.8' Data cable for Raymarine Quantum CHIRP Radar. QUANTUM RADAR DATA CABLE Item# 152-E70196 Used for connecting an Isolated NMEA 0183 VHF to the SeaTalkng network. VHF NMEA 0183 TO SEATALK CONVERTER KIT