Marine Equipment Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL PWC & Jet Boats ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. trailering 492 Item# Description Lead Case List 158-A57WBP Poly pack 16" 25 22.99 EA 7 Round blade to 5 way flat adaptor with 16" lead cable. Links wiring to trailer wire and connects the two with no extensions. Fits most RVs, most new trucks, and SUVs.Fits 7-WAY ROUND TO 5-WAY FLAT PIGTAIL ADAPTER Item# List 354-7538741 15.89 EA Injection Molded PVC. 7-WAY TO 4-FLAT TRAILER ADAPTER Item# List 354-7538641 16.99 EA Injection Molded PVC. 7-WAY 5-FLAT TRAILER ADAPTER Item# Connection List 274-707282 7 blade to 4 flat 27.09 EA 274-767940 7 blade to 5 flat 35.39 EA One piece. 7-WAY BLADE TO FLAT ADAPTER Item# Description Length List 274-707250 Step-Down Style 18" 36.39 EA Connects newer 7-way round outlet to standard 5-way trailer plugs. 7-WAY BLADE TO 5-WAY FLAT ADAPTER Item# Length List 274-787195 4' cable 48.89 EA Environmentally sealed 16 gauge coiled wire prevents tangling. Attractive marine yellow, no fade color. 7-Way mates with OE style 7-way blade connectors. 5-way mates with either a 4-way or 5-way flat connector. 7-WAY TRAILER TO 5-WAY FLAT CAR COILED ADAPTER Item# List 274-20141 21.99 EA 7-Way flat pin to 5-way flat adapter w/LED lamp out by- pass for European vehicles with trailer lamp-out sensors, such as: Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen vehicles with a factory tow package. ADAPTER-EURO CARS 7-WAY TO 5-WAY Trailer Wire Harnesses Item# Description Case List 50-13941 Copper Wire 12 34.72 EA 50-13961 Marine-grade Tinned Wire 12 45.80 EA Flat - 4 Pole. Consists of 48" vehicle side connector and 25' trailer side color coded 18 Ga. wires. Trailer side split to allow routing of wire down both sides of trailer for easy hook-up. Safe color coded wires. Includes 6 frame straps and 2 quick splice connectors. TRAILER "Y" HARNESS Item# Length Case List 50-52961 25' 6 22.65 EA Wire descriptions: White - ground (21 Ga.), Brown - tail lamps (19 Ga.), Yellow - driver side stop/turn (19 Ga.), Green - passenger side stop/turn (19 Ga.). 25-ft 4-way harness with 4-ft trunk connector. 4-WAY WISHBONE STYLE WIRING HARNESSES Item# Description List 274-707103 25' 4-way 44.79 EA 274-707104 30' 4-way 50.99 EA Wishbone Trailer Wiring Kit complete with 4' trunk connector, (2) blue wire taps, and (8) metal wire clips. Complete with instructions. WISHBONE TRAILER WIRING KIT Item# List 274-707105 58.29 EA With 4' trunk connector. Includes trailer and tow vehicle harnesses, mounting hardware and instructions. 5-WAY WISHBONE TRAILER WIRING KIT 25' Item# Description Fits List 16-TW6575 Wiring Harness TW4000s manufactured before 2014 87.99 EA HARNESS, WIRING POWER CABLE Frame Clips Item# Description Pack List 177-B51072 Medium-Duty 100 .59 EA Designed to attach harness to the trailer frame. Priced each, sold in packs of 100. MEDIUM FRAME CLIPS Tail Light Converters Item# Case List 50-51491 12 21.80 EA Heavy duty unit allows amber turn signals (5 wire systems) on tow vehicle to operate standard 4-wire trailer systems. Made of black ABS plastic. Made to be wired directly into trailer wire harness. TRAILER LIGHT CONVERTER Towing Mirrors Item# List 626-11960 90.99 EA Fully adjustable mirror. Movable feet, securing clamps and tightening knob for a secure fit without annoying vibration! Aerodynamic and durable styling. UNIVERSAL TOWING MIRROR Item# Size List 626-11953 7 1 / 2 " W x 5 3 / 4 " H 55.99 EA Provides better towing vision than any towing mirror out there! This innovative product features two fully adjustable mirror surfaces that allow you to fully customize your viewing area. The large, flat mirror surface gives an accurate perspective of what is behind you, while the smaller convex surface acts as a built-in spot mirror for increased safety while driving. The fully enclosed mirror head design reduces wind vibration, to ensure that the adjustable mirror surfaces stay where you put them. Features two adjustable arms and rubber straps that will not obstruct your existing mirror. DUAL VIEW CLIP ON TOW MIRROR