Marine Equipment Catalogue

ULTIMA® provides excellent antifouling protection for both power and sailboats at an economical price. Ultima’s surface wears away over time, eliminating build up or the need for sanding. It can be used on most previously painted surfaces in good condition. One or two coats per season are recommended for optimal performance. UNEXPOXY HRT® seasonal antifouling uses the latest technology available to create a hybrid paint film strong enough to handle the tough marine environment without building up over time. It is a dependable antifouling paint formulated to provide outstanding protection at a very affordable price. Its smooth, durable finish is able to withstand beaching, trailering, and season-long abuse. HORIZONS® offers excellent protection from fouling along with all of the benefits of ablative paints. Economically priced, it performs well in all conditions, including severe fouling waters. A heavy load of copper provides dependable, multi-season performance. Its ablative surface wears away with use, exposing fresh biocides while eliminating paint build up and the need for sanding. Can be launched and re-launched without repainting making it an excellent choice for trailered boats. BLUE - 1281 RED - 1681 BLACK - 1881 BLUE - 1250 GREEN - 1350 ANTIFOULING BOTTOM PAINT BLUE - 1211 RED - 1611 BLACK - 1811 RED - 1650 BLACK - 1850 NEW ANTIFOULING Fiberglass Bottomkote ACT Micro CSC Ultima Horizons Premium Performance Horizons Ultima Unepoxy HRT LIGHT SAND & APPLY LIGHT SAND & APPLY LIGHT SAND & APPLY SAND & APPLY SAND & APPLY SAND & APPLY REMOVE LIGHT SAND & APPLY REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE HEAVY SAND & APPLY HEAVY SAND & APPLY SAND & APPLY Tri-Lux II Epoxycup F/G Bottomkote Unepoxy Bottomkote XXX VC 17(m) VC 17(m) Extra VC Offshore Baltoplate OLD ANTIFOULING PETTIT BOTTOM PAINT COMPATIBILITY CHART