Marine Equipment Catalog 2020

Axiom Pro is made for captains that want it all. Available with RealVision™ 3D, a powerful 1kW CHIRP sonar, and HybridTouch™ control, Axiom Pro is the new standard for all-in-one navigation display. And with a quad core processor, super bright IPS display technology, and the smart LightHouse™ 3 OS, Axiom Pro delivers a fast and intuitive navigation experience. MEET AXIOM ™ PRO ELEVATE YOUR AWARENESS WITH CHIRP RADAR AND DOPPLER TARGET IDENTIFICATION Learn more at Images for illustration purposes Photo: iStockphoto Axiom® and the new Quantum 2 with Doppler let you navigate smarter by color coding inbound targets red and outbound target green, making it simple to identify moving radar contacts in high-traffic areas. With fully automatic MARPA target tracking and True Trails target history, Axiom and Quantum 2 will bring you a new level of radar awareness.