2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE SAFETY 168 Item# List 736-789 51.99 EA • Watertight First Aid Kit with 16 essential items and over 85 pieces total • Rugged watertight buoyant container • Includes No. 780 Lifesaver #1 Safety Emergency Whistle WATERTIGHT FIRST AID KIT Boat Hooks Item# Length Pack Case List 50-71050] 4' to 7' (Fully Extended) Bulk 12 49.19 EA Tubing made with 6063 aluminum for years of maintenance-free service. Hook is made of glass reinforced nylon. Features special locking cam action. It floats. Handle Diameter: 1 3/ 8" TELESCOPING BOAT HOOK Item# Length Case List 23-111505 3 1/ 2' to 5 1/ 2' 2 41.19 EA 23-111805 3 1/ 2' to 8' 6 72.59 EA Telescoping adjustment collar has molded ribbing - easy to grip and twist for length adjustment, even when wet. High-quality 6061-T6 aluminum tubing with marine finish and rubber vinyl grips. Hook includes non-marring polyethylene tips. TELESCOPING BOAT HOOK Item# Length List 452-50475 32"-72" 58.19 EA 452-50476 48"-96" 71.19 EA Durable anodized aluminum shaft is well balanced for maximum strength but light enough to float. Smooth telescoping twist-lock will hold at any position. Non-slip safety grip for secure hold. TELESCOPING BOAT HOOK Item# Description Length Case List 166-4122d 2-Pc Adjustable 53" - 8' 12 66.79 EA 166-4132 3-Pc Adjustable 38" - 8' 12 73.99 EA 166-4152d 3-Pc Adjustable 54" to 12' 89.89 EA A tough boat hook is a valuable asset when launching , docking, mooring, or retrieving your favorite hat! The threaded end accepts a deck brush, mop, squeegee and other accessories. A highly visible, soft viny top covers the thread and protects the boat’s finish when fending off. All Team boat hooks float! TEAM® BOAT HOOK Adjustable Item# Length Case List 3-55006d 6' 6 71.99 EA 3-55008d 8' 6 93.59 EA Repl. Parts List 3-99046 35.79 EA 1" anodized aluminum tube (1 section). UV resistant marine composite head with red cushioned tip. FIXED LENGTH BOAT HOOK Item# Length Case List 3-55190d 4' to 7.5' 6 77.09 EA Repl. Parts List 3-99046 35.79 EA Lightweight, durable two-section aluminum boat hook is well balanced with maximum strength. Smooth telescoping twist-lock with rolled tube edge for easeof-use, comfort, and strength. Marine composite head is permanently attached with a unique formed dimple. High tensile 1" & 1 1/ 8" diameter clear anodized aluminum tube resisits corrosion. Comfortable non-slip premium vinyl safety grip is permanently attached as is the handle. TELESCOPING BOAT HOOK Item# Length Case List 3-55170 3.5' to 8' 6 91.19 EA 3-55175d 56" to 12' 6 112.79 EA Repl. Parts List 3-99046 35.79 EA Lightweight, durable aluminum is well balanced with maximum strength. Smooth telescoping twist lock with rolled tube edge for ease of use, comfort, and maximum strength. Clear satin finish, premium grip. Hooks are permanently attached with unique formed dimple. High tensile, 1", 1 1/ 8", 1 1/ 4" diameter anodized aluminum tube resists corrosion. Three sections. Premium multi-purpose boat hook head. PREMIUM TELESCOPING BOAT HOOK Item# List 3-99046 35.79 EA • Wide gap to grab large objects or cleats - push or pull • 3/ 4" acme threaded head for screw on brush, broom, or mop • Non-corrosive UV resistant marine composite PREMIUM MULTI-PURPOSE BOAT HOOK HEAD Item# Length List 703-PIKE10 10' 140.39 EA 703-PIKE12 12' 141.99 EA 703-PIKE14 14' 176.99 EA 703-PIKE16 16' 182.99 EA 703-PIKE18 18' 213.19 EA Carbon Steel pike and hook. Heat treated for toughness. "Pig Tail" twist tip provides a screw and bard holding effect. Anodized aluminum alloy handle. ALUMINUM PIKE POLE Item# Description Length Case List 354-4910121 Fixed 48" 10 53.89 EA 354-4910131d Fixed 72" 10 68.69 EA 354-4910211 2-Pc Adjustable 24" - 36" 10 44.19 EA 354-4910241d 2-Pc Adjustable 48" - 96" 10 80.09 EA 354-4910341d 3-Pc Adjustable 36" - 96" 10 99.79 EA 354-4910361d 3-Pc Adjustable 56" - 144" 10 140.99 EA Opt. Accy. Description List 354-4910751 Soft brush with squeegee 26.99 EA Repl. Parts Description List 354-4910511 Hook Only for 4910241, 4910341 & 4910361 18.99 EA Constructed of high quality, durable, marine grade aluminum tubing with a threaded end attachment and comfort grip handle. Includes a four-point hook attachment coated in soft, over-molded rubber to protect your boat from scuffs and scratches. Its buoyant design keeps the boat hook afloat for more than 5 minutes. The bright orange rubber tip is highly visible and removes for accessory attachment. ALUMINUM BOAT HOOK Adjustable Fixed