2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d COURIER Surcharge GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE 169 SAFETY Item# Description Length List 354-4910551 Mooring Hook & Plate 4" 48.79 EA Convenient and easy solution for attaching a mooring line to a buoy or cleat. Using the included keeper plate, these channeled 316 stainless steel snaps fit onto the end of boat hooks or other poles. The kit includes the snap hook, keeper plate, and fasteners for attaching the keeper plate. The carabiner snaps shut as it slides free of the pole, securely clipping to the mooring eye or cleat. BOAT HOOK MOORING BUOY SNAP KIT Item# Length Fits List 354-4911081 6" Universal Acme Thread 17.67 EA BOAT HOOK HULL SCRAPER boat hook Not included Attach to any Sea-Dog® Boat Hook/ Boat Pole or universal/Acme threaded device. Great for waterline cleaning from inside the vessel. Item# Description List 354-916001BH3d 3-Sided spinner 2257.49 EA The Sea-Dog boat hook spinner displays put a supply of our complete boat hook product line in a compact, easy to service space on the showroom floor. Like the other Sea-Dog merchandisers, these displays make our "Build A Better Boat Hook" line of products stand out, and the upright spinning display makes it easy for your customers to see all of the features and benefits of this new line of products. Just buy the mixed pack of boat hooks and receive the spinner and signage for free. Quick and easy assembly. 3 Sided Includes: 48" (4), 72" (3), 24"-36" (4), 48"-96" (6), 36"-96" (4), 56"-144" (4) BOAT HOOK SPINNER Item# Length Case List 658-740 40" 14 34.79 EA 658-760d 60" 14 46.79 EA Exclusive Shur-Lok quick release system positively locks any Shurhold handle quickly and easily with all Shurhold accessories. The Shur-Lok design guarantees that Shurhold attachments will never spin or pop off during use. FIXED LENGTH HANDLE Standard Grip Item# Length Case List 658-833] 40"-72" 12 73.39 EA 658-855d] 60"-108" 12 89.39 EA Handle quickly locks with all Shurhold accessories. Both 2 piece handle assemblies feature the SHUR-LOCK system providing secure locking at the desired length. TELESCOPING HANDLE Item# Case List 658-130] 20 29.89 EA Line carrying feature, centered push-off, and basic boat hook. Features exclusive SHUR-LOK quick release adapter. Use with Shurhold handles (not included). Handles sold separately. 3-IN-1 BOAT HOOK Item# Description Length Case List 74-40609d 4' to 8' 12 58.99 EA 74-40624d Display w/24ea 40609 Boat Hooks 4' to 8' 1376.49 EA Telescoping pole with a special fast locking cam action. Boat hook is made of unbreakable, glass reinforced nylon. Special air chambers make it float. ECONOMY TELESCOPING BOAT HOOK Item# Length Case List 74-40007d] 4' 12 20.59 EA Has strong inner core construction with a durable plastic coating for corrosion resistance. Nylon screw thread end. Can be used with all Extend-A-Brush economy and deluxe heads. ECONOMY HANDLE W/SCREW THREAD END Item# Length Case List 74-40003d 5' fixed 6 42.69 EA 74-40000] 3' to 6' 6 62.39 EA Constructed of triple anodized aluminum to provide years of maintenance free use. Feature two vinyl, non-slip hand grips. Push button quick connect/disconnect allows for instant attachment of accessories. STANDARD EXTEND-A-BRUSH HANDLE W/QUICK CONNECT END Item# Case List 74-40033 12 29.49 EA Fits all Extend-A-Handles. Unbreakable glass-reinforced nylon. EXTEND-A-BOAT HOOK Item# Length Case List 74-40155 3' to 6' 6 82.09 EA Lightweight and incredibly strong; extends from 3' to 6'. Constructed of heavy-duty aircraft grade, triple anodized aluminum. Telescoping shafts feature two non-slip hand grips with positive twist lock; designed to float if dropped overboard. Stainless steel push button quick connect/disconnect for instant attachment of all Extend-ABrush accessories. Special air chambers make it float. PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY EXTENDING HANDLE W/QUICK CONNECT END Item# Length Case List 74-40005d 5' to 10' 6 85.29 EA Constructed of aircraft grade, triple anodized aluminum. Special air chambers make it float. Stainless steel push button quick connect/disconnect allows for instant attachment of all Extend-A-Brush accessories BIG BOAT EXTENDING HANDLE W/QUICK CONNECT END