2023 Marine Equipment Catalog

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ELECTRONICS 52 Item# Model Size List 941-00015214001 NSX™ 3007, No Transducer 7" 1416.19 EA 941-00015371001 NSX™ 3007 with HDI Transducer 7" 1551.19 EA 941-00015365001 NSX™ 3009 with Active Imaging™ 7" 1753.69 EA 941-00015218001 NSX™ 3009, No Transducer 9" 1956.19 EA 941-00015372001 NSX™ 3009 with HDI Transducer 9" 2091.19 EA 941-00015366001 NSX™ 3009 with Active Imaging™ 9" 2293.69 EA 941-00015222001 NSX™ 3012, No Transducer 12" 3711.19 EA 941-00015367001 NSX™ 3012 with Active Imaging™ 12" 4048.69 EA Opt. Accy. Description Fits List 941-00015816001 7" Suncover NSX 3007 40.49 EA 941-00015818001 12" Suncover NSX 3012 47.29 EA 941-00015822001 Corner Clips NSX,Vulcan2 33.79 EA 941-00015825001 12" Dash Mt. Kit NSX 3012, Vulcan2 37.79 EA 941-00015817001 9" Suncover NSX 3009 40.49 EA 941-00015823001 7" Dash Mt. Kit NSX 3007, Vulcan2 35.09 EA 941-00015824001 9" Dash Mt. Kit NSX 3009, Vulcan2 36.49 EA Our innovative, modern interface features powerful navigation with C-MAP® DISCOVER X charts. You’ll see everything like never before and our IPS touch screens capture every detail. • Features a C-MAP® DISCOVER™ X chart - plus support for C-MAP REVEAL™ X charts • High definition IPS touch screen - viewable through polarized lenses • Supports high res Active Imaging™ featuring CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™ • Setup Wizard gets you up and running quickly • Full integration with Simrad® sonar, autopilot, radar, and more • Faster Autorouting • See near and far simultaneously (up to 42nm), with HALO® Radar • Stay on course with full Simrad® autopilot integration • Simrad® App integration keeps chart data at your fingertips, on and off the water • Third-party app integration • Wireless connectivity, plus Ethernet and NMEA 2000® networking capability • IP Video Support NSX™ SMART CHARTPLOTTER & FISHFINDER Item# List 941-00012607001 929.69 EA The Precision-9 Compass supplies accurate heading and rate-of-turn information to Simrad autopilot, radar and navigation systems over an NMEA 2000® connection. Solid-state sensors constantly measure motion and orientation on nine axes, providing pitch and roll data to compatible equipment. An adjustable mounting bracket and single-cable connection allow simple installation , including up-mast mounting for steel hulls. • Heading, Rate Of Turn (ROT), pitch and roll output over NMEA 2000® • Heading accuracy of ±2° after calibration • IPX7 waterproof for external mounting • Simple installation to NMEA 2000® Side View PRECISION-9 COMPASS Simrad Sounder Modules Item# List 941-00011142001 883.59 EA SONARHUB SOUNDER MODULE This all-in-one sounder solution combines StructureScan® HD imaging and CHIRP sonar. SonarHub is ideal for marking fish and tracking lure action and can provide easy-to-understand views of structure and bottom detail. SonarHub’s Frequency Sweeping Pulse Compression technology - CHIRP sonar - provides high-definition detail to depths of up to 1,000 metres (3,500 feet). SonarHub's StructureScan HD functionality shows picture-like views for more productive fishing, diving and search and recovery operations. • Advanced Simrad Broadband Sounder™ technology offers high performance with low noise • Simrad CHIRP technology works with traditional 50/83/200 kHz transducers • Dual ports: One single-frequency or CHIRP xducer and one StructureScan® HD or ForwardScan™ xducer • 3 Ethernet ports for multiple Simrad displays Item# Description List 941-00012396001 3D transducer 588.69 EA StructureScan 3D imaging scans underwater terrain and fish-holding structure to create a high-resolution, 180°, three-dimensional view beneath your vessel. With this unique imaging view, anglers gain a better understanding of where fish and structure are located in relation to their vessel. StructureScan 3D imaging is available on Simrad NSS evo2/evo3 and NSO evo2/evo3 displays, when used in combination with the StructureScan 3D module and 3D transducer. • Unrivaled SideScan image clarity • High Definition (HD) and super-wide 3D scanning • Leading Edge™ Scanning Reference • SelectScan™ target identification • Vertical Enhancement Control • Waypoint Overlay • ScanTrack™ pan-tilt-rotate controls • Enhanced SideScan Skimmer® transducer design STRUCTURESCAN® 3D